Young professionals make an impact

Young professionals are encouraged to continue their participation in standardization and conformity assessment at the national and international levels

The IEC welcomes the expertise and input from young professionals (YPs). It encourages their participation in standardization and conformity assessment activities at the national and/or international levels.

With the tools and knowledge acquired at the YP workshop, many YPs have continued their involvement in the IEC by participating in technical committees and management groups.


Young Professionals contribution to the IEC

Annette Frederiksen - IEC YP Leader 2017, Germany

Annette Frederiksen

IEC YP Leader 2017, Germany

  • Assistant Secretary of TC 76
  • Member of SMB/ahG 89
  • Member of TC 34/JWG 21
  • Member of TC 76/AG 11
  • Member of TC 76/ WG 1/ WG 3/ WG 8
  • Member of TC 86/JAG 10
  • Head of the German national YP Programme ‘Next Generation DKE’

Alan Sellers

IEC 2016 YP leader, UK

Member of SMB Strategic Group (SG) 12  –  Digital transformation of SMB

Member of Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) WG 17 – Cybersecurity

Member of the IEC Board (IB) Task Force on internal transformation strategy of the IEC


Theerasak (Beer) Opatsuwan

IEC 2014 – 2016 YP, Australia

  • Alternate member of SMB (2020 – 2022)
  • Member of IEC Australian National Committee
  • Member of IEC Board (IB) Task Force 3 on SDGs
  • Member of SMB/ahG 84 and SMB/ahG 87
  • Support Convenor of SMB/ahG 90
thaison yu

Thaison Vu

IEC 2015 YP,  Norway

Convenor of SC 31J/MT 60079-19 - Classification of hazardous areas and installation requirements, Maintenance of IEC 60079-19

IECEx - Explosive Atmospheres Conformity Assessment specialist (Member of several TC 31 - Equipment for explosive atmospheres groups: AG, WG, MT)


Kai Cui

IEC 2015 YP, China

Convenor of SC59M/WG4 - Electrical household and similar cooling and freezing appliances, food preservation and storage

Project Manager of the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) “Artificial Intelligence” White Paper project

Project Team Member of the IEC MSB White Paper projects on “Factory of the future” & “IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform

Expert in SMB standardization evaluation group (SEG) 7 and SEG 9


Ryan Nicoll

IEC 2014 YP, Canada

Convenor of TC 114/MT 62600-10 - Assessment of mooring system for marine energy converters (MECs)

1906 Award winner 2017


Florian Spiteller

IEC 2013 – 2014 YP, Germany

  • Alternate Member in SMB
  • Member of JTF on JTC1
  • Convenor of SMB/ahG 89
  • Member of SMB/ahG 76, 83, 85, 88 and 90
  • Member of DE delegation to General Assembly (GA)
  • Member of SAG (2019 – 2020)

Stina Wallström

IEC 2013 YP, Sweden

President of the IEC National Committee of Sweden


Manyphay Viengkham

IEC 2012 YP Leader, USA

Convenor of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) Systems Ressource Group (SRG)

Member of the SyC Smart Cities Chair's Advisory Group (CAG) 1 & 2


Jonathan Colby

IEC 2011 YP leader, USA

Chair of TC 114 - Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

Chair of ME-OMC (IECRE - Renewable Energy Conformity Assessment)

Convenor of the REMC WG001 (IECRE)

Member of the IEC Board (IB) Task Force on internal transformation strategy of the IEC

1906 Award winner 2015


Marc Boolish

IEC 2010 YP, USA

Chair of TC 35 - Primary cells and batteries

Convenor of TC 35/MT 14 - Performance tests and dimensions



Adam Murdoch

IEC 2010 YP, Australia

Chair of SC 61H - Safety of electrically-operated farm appliances

1906 Award winner 2015