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IEC White Paper: Electrical Energy Storage

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White Paper

Electrical Energy Storage


This White Paper, by the IEC MSB (Market Strategy Board), analyzes the role of energy storage in electricity use and identifies all available technologies. It summarizes present and future market needs for EES (Electrical Energy Storage) technologies, reviews their technological features, and finally presents recommendations for all EES stakeholders. Its role is also to provide market guidance for the work of the IEC in support of this industry.


Section 1 examines the characteristics of electricity, the roles of EES technologies in electricity use and the emerging needs for EES. The roles of EES technologies are presented from several viewpoints: utility, consumers and generators of renewable energy.


Section 2 describes the different types and features of energy storage systems. A brief classification is followed by a description of the various EES types with their advantages and disadvantages. Finally the main technical features are summarized.


In Section 3 an overview of the markets for EES is given by describing existing EES application cases. Applications for conventional electric utilities and consumers are presented as well as near-future use cases, concentrating on storage applications in combination with renewable energy generation.


Section 4 provides a forecast of EES market potential by 2030. There are many EES applications which can be classified into two categories: estimates of the future market covering almost all the applications of EES, and estimates of the future market focusing on specific new EES applications. Some studies’ results are shown for these two categories.


Section 5 seeks to derive conclusions from the first four sections to form a coherent picture. From these in turn it offers recommendations in the areas of policy (including regulation), research & development, and standardization.


This Paper was prepared by the Electrical Energy Storage Project Team, a part of the MSB Special Working Group on technology and market watch, with a major contribution from the Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme.