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The MSB (Market Strategy Board) was set up by the IEC to identify the principal technological trends and market needs in the IEC’s fields of activity. It sets strategies to maximize input from primary markets and establishes priorities for the technical and conformity assessment work of the IEC, improving the IEC’s response to the needs of innovative and fast-moving markets.


To accomplish its work, the MSB sets up special working groups that are dissolved after they have completed their work.


The MSB comprises 15 chief technology officers as members appointed from industry, and (ex officio) the IEC Officers.


The MSB publishes recommendations – White Papers – in a form that differs from International Standards.

Strategy and trends for the future
IEC White Paper: Factory of the futre

IEC White Papers

Each IEC White Paper is presented with a short summary in this flyer.


IEC White Paper: Edge Intelligence

Edge intelligence

To enable and realize the true value of the internet of things (IoT), edge intelligence pushes processing for data intensive applications away from the core of the cloud to the edge of the network.


Technology Report: LVDC

Technology Report: LVDC: electricity for the 21st century

Low voltage direct current (LVDC) is a disruptive technology that fundamentally accelerates energy access and improves energy efficiency. LVDC applications are many and varied, and can be applied in every country in the world.


IEC White Paper: Global Energy Interconnection

Global energy interconnection

Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces, yet 1,3 billion humans have no access to electricity. The interconnection of grids would open up an unprecedented opportunity to globally share the resources of the whole planet. This White Paper assesses what it would take to bring this vision to reality.


IEC White Paper: IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform

IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform

Security grows exponentially in importance as devices that where once isolated become interconnected and more and more information is collected.This White Paper provides an overview of the IoT, its limitations and deficiencies in the area of security, interoperability and scalability providing important recommendations to IoT stakeholders and standardization work.


IEC White Paper: Factory of the futre

Factory of the future

This White Paper assesses the potential worldwide needs, benefits, concepts and pre-conditions for the factory of the future. It identifies the business trends in related technologies and markets, and their impact on data, people, technologies and Standards.


IEC White Paper: Strategic asset management of power networks

Strategic asset management of power networks

The electricity industry is facing a number of very significant challenges, and the first of these, listed by many electricity network business CEOs, is asset management. This White Paper explores the issue of asset management in the electricity power network sector and identifies areas of asset management practice that could benefit from International Standards.


IEC White Paper: Orchestrating infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities

Orchestrating infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities

This White Paper explains what it needs to move cities to greater smartness; the what, who and how of smart city development. It calls for a wide collaboration between many stakeholders, including other international standardization bodies to ultimately lead to integrated, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions.


IEC White Paper: Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Networks

Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Networks

This White Paper discusses the use and evolution of Wireless Sensor Networks within the wider context of the Internet of Things. It provides a review of WSN applications, while also focusing the attention on infrastructure technologies, applications and standards featured in WSN designs.


IEC White Paper: Microgrids for disaster preparedness and recovery

Microgrids for disaster preparedness and recovery

With electricity continuity plans and systems

This White Paper considers preparation for and recovery from major electricity outages, with a focus on customer-side measures. Microgrids, the White Paper shows, are a solution to many of the issues identified in the disaster review. By relying on a variety of generators, a microgrid system avoids many of the single-point-of failure issues of the traditional electricity grid.


Technology Report: Nanotechnology

Technology Report: Nanotechnology in the sectors of
solar energy and energy storage

Nanotechnology brings significant benefits to energy storage and the overall solar energy sector for example in terms of improved materials’ efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs. Concretely, battery storage capacity could be increased, solar cells could be produced cheaper and their lifetime extended.


IEC White Paper: Grid integration of large-capacity Renewable Energy sources and use of large-capacity Electrical Energy Storage

Grid integration of large-capacity Renewable Energy sources and use of large-capacity Electrical Energy Storage

This White Paper's primary goal is to provide a global view on the state of the art and future directions for grid integration of large-capacity Renewable Energy sources and the application of large-capacity Electrical Energy Storage for that purpose. This Paper aims to support grid integration efforts around the world by providing guidance to the electric utility industry, policy-makers and the IEC standardization and conformity assessment community.


IEC White Paper: Electrical Energy Storage

Electrical Energy Storage

In this White Paper the IEC MSB analyzes the role of energy storage in electricity use and identifies all available technologies, as well as their market potential. The role of the White Paper, Electrical Energy Storage, is also to provide market guidance for the work of the IEC in support of this industry.


IEC White Paper: Coping with the Energy Challenge

Coping with the Energy Challenge

With this White Paper, the IEC is laying the foundation for the electrical energy efficiency discussion. The Special Working Group on Electrical Energy Efficiency, under the leadership of Claude Breining of Schneider Electric, prepared and published the White Paper, Coping with the Energy Challenge.


This White Paper provides a roadmap and recommendations that will allow the IEC to develop the many standards that are needed to enable highest short- and long-term energy efficiency outcomes, today and tomorrow.