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TC News - November 2018


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Busan, 2018-10-22



IEC Technical Policy and Management

Use of term “mandatory” in IEC

SMB requested Central Office to provide background information on previous decisions relating to the use of the term “mandatory” in IEC and to provide appropriate recommendations to SMB.

(SMB Decision 163/4)


Joint meeting of IEC/SMB and ISO/TMB in June 2019

SMB agreed that the meeting be a full day meeting on 2019-06-18 with participation of all SMB and TMB members and alternates. SMB members were invited to propose “pain-points” which would then be shared with TMB counterparts.

(SMB Decision 163/5)


Handling of proposals for new fields of activity

SMB noted that ISO/TMB had initiated running a webconference when proposals for new fields of activity were received and decided to trial a similar process. SMB would invite the proposer to present the proposal to those members of SMB who were interested, as well as other interested TC/SCs.

(SMB Decisions 163/6)


Clarification of Systems Concepts

SMB confirmed that SyCs (Systems Committees) were able to develop and publish SRDs and ISs, but not TRs, TSs or PASs. ahG 80 will finalize the operational manual, including clarification of the role and value of SRDs (Systems Reference Deliverable).

(SMB Decision 163/9)


Actions arising from ISO/TMB

SMB appointed Mr Jos Remy, as well as experts from Canada and the UK as representatives to an ISO Task Force on “Foundational Standards”. SMB noted that the concept of “Foundational Standards” was largely covered by the concept of Horizontal Publications, used in IEC. SMB requested SG 12, Digital Transformation, to propose a liaison representative to the ISO/SAG (Strategic Advisory Group) on Machine-readable standards.

(SMB Decisions 163/22, 163/23)


TC/SC Matters

Disbanding of PC 118

SMB confirmed that PC 118, Smart Grid User Interface, would be disbanded by the end of 2018, following publication of all of its projects.

(SMB Decision 163/3)


Autonomous Systems – Ethics

SMB set up SEG 10 (Standardization Evaluation Group), Ethics in Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Applications. SEG 10 will identify ethical issues and societal concerns related to IEC technical activities and develop guidelines on ethical aspects related to autonomous and/or AI applications. The SEG was encouraged to ensure participation by JTC 1/SC 42 and to coordinate with the newly formed OCEANIS forum. The SEG will be co-convened by China and Germany.

(SMB Decision 163/8)


Proposal for a new TC on Low-voltage auxiliary power systems for electric power plants and substations

SMB recommended that the Chinese NC, originators of the proposal, revise the proposal to propose the setting up of a PC (project committee), and make use of the process described in item 1.4 by holding a webconference to present the proposal, prior to circulation for formal ballot to National Committees. The SMB noted that the setting up of a PC would permit SMB to determine in 2 years’ time whether further work might be needed.

(SMB Decision 163/12)


Proposal for a new PC on Binary Generation Systems

SMB agreed that the Japanese proposal for a new PC (project committee) on Binary Generation Systems should be circulated for formal ballot to the National Committees. The SMB noted that the setting up of a PC would permit SMB to determine in 2 years’ time whether further work might be needed.

(SMB Decision 163/13)


Proposal for a new TC on E-assisted transport modes

SMB agreed to circulate the Belgian proposal for a new TC for formal ballot, but to make use of the process described in 1.4, by holding a webconference to review the comments already submitted and to present the proposal more widely..
(SMB Decision 163/14)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 18 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence, before the SMB meeting.
(SMB Decision 163/2)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 163

Presentation from SyC Smart Cities

SMB thanked Mr Michael Mulquin, Chair SyC Smart Cities, for his presentation and welcomed the holistic approach taken by the SyC on the organization of its work. (SMB/6549/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/15)


Presentation from JTC 1/SC 41

SMB thanked Dr François Coallier, Chair JTC 1/SC 41, for his presentation and requested the SC to concentrate on horizontal issues and ensure that there was no duplication of activities with TC/SCs working on application or product standards. (SMB/6534/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/16)


Presentation from TC 82

SMB thanked Mr Michio Kondo, Chair TC 82, for his presentation and supported the interaction between TC 82 and other organizations. SMB emphasized the need for coordination between TC/SCs in IEC and other organizations when transversal topics were being addressed. (SMB/6548/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/17)


Presentation on TC 100 structure

SMB thanked Mr David Felland, Chair TC 100, for his presentation and noted the flexible, agile approach taken by TC 100 in its structure, so that it was in a position to address the needs of new technologies. SMB emphasized the need for transparency with respect to the allocation of work to TAs. SMB believed it was premature to generalize the use of TAs to other TC/SCs at this time and agreed to investigate the subject in relation to the implementation goal “New ways of working”. (SMB/6532/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/18)


Presentation on IT projects

SMB thanked Mr Peter Godwin, Head IT Strategy and Operations, for his presentation and requested that regular updates were made to SMB, particularly in respect to requests made by SMB which were being delayed in their implementation. (SMB/6581/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/20)


Presentation from CENELEC

Mrs Elena Santiago, CENELEC Director, and Dr Bernhard Thies, CENELEC President, presented the latest updates from CENELEC. (SMB/6576/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/24)


Presentation from ETSI

Mr Xavier Piednoir, ETSI Head of External Relations, gave an update on ETSI activities. (SMB/6577/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/25)


Presentation from IEEE

Mr Sam Sciacca, IEEE Senior Director, gave an update on IEEE and SMB welcomed the proposal for an update to the Guide for Cooperation, as well as the list of topics raised. (SMB/6578/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/26)


Presentation from ETSI

Mr Xavier Piednoir, ETSI Head of External Relations, gave an update on ETSI activities. (SMB/6470/INF)

(SMB Decision 162/24)


Presentation from ITU-R

Mr Philippe Aubineau, ITU-R acting Chief of the ITU-R Study Group Department, gave a presentation summarizing the areas of common interest between ITU-R and IEC. (SMB/6579/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/27)


Presentation from Affiliate Country Programme Leader

SMB received a presentation from Mr Rojas Manyame, Affiliate Country Programme Leader and welcomed the request made concerning remote participation in meetings, which would facilitate participation by developing countries in the work of IEC. (SMB/6580/INF)

(SMB Decision 163/28)



Thomas A. Edison Award


The Thomas A. Edison Award was presented to:

  • Mr George Kelly, Secretary TC 82
  • Mr Gerard Kuyt, Chair SC 86A
  • Mr Dejun Ma, Vice-Chair TC 61 & Vice-Chair SyC AAL
  • Prof Hiroyuki Ohsaki Chair TC 77
  • Dr Hiroaki Sugiura, Technical Area Manager TC 100/TA 2
  • Dr Fumio Ueno, Past Chair TC 105 (nominated in 2017)

Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2019

2019-02-18 - Monday CAG meeting (Montreux, CH)
2019-02-19 - Tuesday (Montreux, CH)
2019-06-16 - Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2019-06-17 - Monday (Geneva, CH)

2019-06-18 - Tuesday Joint meeting SMB and TMB representatives (Geneva, CH)
2019-10-19 - Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)
2019-10-21 - Monday (Shanghai, CN – General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2020

2020-02-11 - Tuesday CAG meeting (New Delhi, India)
2020-02-12 - Wednesday (New Delhi, India)
2020-06-08 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva, CH)
2020-06-09 - Tuesday (Geneva, CH)

2020-10-03 - Saturday CAG meeting (Stockholm, SE)
2020-10-05 - Monday (Stockholm, SE – General Meeting)