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TC News - October 2017


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Vladivostok, 2017-10-09



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

Dual referencing and profiles

SMB set up an ad hoc group to make recommendations on the subject of dual-referencing in standards and the use of profiles in standards. SMB made it clear that the IEC discouraged multiple solutions within a standard, but that when this was necessary, the use of profiles was appropriate. SMB requested the DMT to make the necessary changes in the ISO/IEC Directives and requested the Central Office to develop more detailed guidance for the TC/SCs on the use and limits.

(SMB Decision 160/4)


Working with consortia

SMB noted the intermediate report from the ad hoc group dealing with work on consortia. Its recommendations include a request to Central Office to develop communications and outreach material, in cooperation with ahG 75. Central Office is also requested to name a contact person with the responsibility of working with consortia. Finally ahG 75 will develop guidelines for TC/SCs to explain the options, processes and expectations of cooperation with consortia.

(SMB Decision 160/5)


Digital Transformation

SMB set up a new Strategic Group, SG 12, to look at the subject of the Digital Transformation. This is a very broad subject, which in the longer term will transform the IEC works. The SG will:

  • Define the aspects of the Digital Transformation that are relevant to the IEC and standardization activities;
  • Identify emerging trends, technologies and practices needed for the development, delivery and use of IEC’s work;
  • Provide a link between IEC's activities and those of external entities (e.g. ISO, ITU, etc.) and the technical work under supervision of IEC;
  • Provide a platform for relevant discussion and collaboration with internal and external participation.

The SG will provide an initial report for June 2018.

(SMB Decision 160/6)


Enquiry on IEC Guide 106

An enquiry will be circulated to SMB to determine whether IEC Guide 106:1996 Guide for specifying environmental conditions for equipment performance rating should be withdrawn or revised.

(SMB Decision 160/8)

TC/SC Matters

New Systems Committee on Smart Manufacturing

SMB decided to establish a new SyC (Systems Committee) with the initial title “Smart Manufacturing”. A list of defined tasks and deliverables will be given to the new SyC.
SMB also agreed to set up a Joint IEC/ISO “Smart Manufacturing Standards Map” Task Force, as agreed by the ISO/TMB.

(SMB Decision 160/9)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 15 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence, before the SMB meeting. The SMB noted that TCs 20 and 101 had failed to submit the TC reports (RSMB) on time and invited the DE NC (holding the secretariats) to investigate.

(SMB Decisions 160/2 and 160/12)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 160

Presentation from JTC 1

Mrs Karen Higginbottom, Chair of JTC 1, who had just chaired her final JTC 1 meeting, presented the SMB with a list of challenges that faced JTC 1 in particular and both IEC and ISO in general, (SMB/6263/INF)

(SMB Decision 160/10)

Presentation from TC 31

Mr Mark Coppler, Chair TC 31, gave a presentation on the activities of TC 31, Equipment for explosive atmospheres. (SMB/6264/INF)

(SMB Decision 160/11)

Presentation from the IEC Head of IT & Strategy

Mr Peter Godwin, Head IT Strategy and Operations, gave a presentation on the IT Strategy and projects. (SMB/6265/INF)

(SMB Decision 160/13)

Presentation from CENELEC

Dr Bernhard Thies, CENELEC President, gave a presentation on “Responding to the Digital Challenge”. SMB welcomed further implementing the Frankfurt Agreement to ensure even greater cohesion between European and International Standards. (SMB/6266/INF)

(SMB Decision 160/14)

Presentation from IEEE

Mr Sam Sciacca, IEEE-SA Senior Director, gave a presentation on the challenges to the future of standardization. SMB welcomed further collaboration with IEEE in facing these challenges (SMB/6267/INF)

Thomas A. Edison Award


The Thomas A. Edison Award was presented to

  • Mr Kyung-Tae Kang, Secretary TC 119
  • Mr Joseph Musso, Secretary TC 72
  • Dr Uberto Vercellotti, Past Chair TC 89

Dr Fumio Ueno, Chair TC 105, and Dr Peter Zwanziger, Past Chair TC 22 will receive their award at a subsequent SMB meeting



On Friday, October 13, the IEC Council held elections with the following outcomes:

Election/re-election of three members of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) for a three-year term of office (2018-2020) C/2069/INF


National Committee



Mr Vimal Mahendru (2nd term)

Korea, Republic of

Dr Jin-Kyu Han


Mr Oscar Querol


Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.

Dates and places for 2018

2018-02-12 – Monday CAG meeting (Vienna, Austria)
2018-02-13 – Tuesday (Vienna, Austria)
2018-06-11 – Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2018-06-12 – Tuesday (Geneva)
2018-10-20 – Saturday CAG meeting (Busan, KR)
2018-10-22 – Monday (Busan, KR - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2019

2019-02-xx – SMB CAG meeting (Indonesia) date to be confirmed
2019-02-xx – SMB (Indonesia) date to be confirmed
2019-06-16– Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2019-06-17 – Monday (Geneva)
2019-10-19 – Saturday CAG meeting (Shanghai, CN)
2019-10-21 – Monday (Shanghai, CN - General Meeting)