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TC News - October 2016


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Frankfurt, 2016-10-10



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

SMB/CAG proposal concerning Horizontal Standards

SMB decided to set up an ahG 72 to review the role of horizontal standards, including definition of horizontal standards, normative and informative guides and basic safety and EMC publications. Furthermore, the ahG will review the current list of horizontal standards to determine if they are still appropriate.
(SMB Decision 157/3)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning Interpretation

In applying conformity assessment of standards, sometimes there is a need for interpretation by the formulating TC of some aspects of a published standard. SMB confirmed that interpretation of standards by TC/SCs must be undertaken through a formal process, including a formal decision, or else assign the interpretation to a group designated for this purpose.
(SMB Decision 157/5)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning liaisons between TC/SCs and CA systems

It was the practice that TC/SCs could not establish liaisons with IEC CA systems. SMB agreed that TC/SCs could establish liaisons with the IEC/CA systems and appropriate communication between CA systems and IEC TC/SCs is encouraged.
(SMB Decision 157/6)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning Translations

SMB took two decisions relating to the provision of translations during the standards development process. The first concerned the decision taken at the previous SMB meeting, decision 156/5, relating to eliminating the time allocated to translation of documents at the FDIS stage. SMB agreed to suspend implementation of this decision until the next SMB meeting to permit discussions to take place between the French NC and Central Office on implementation procedures. SMB also agreed to look at the possibility of eliminating translations completely from the standards production process. SMB set up an ahG 73 to prepare a ballot for SMB explaining the potential risks and benefits of such a step.
(SMB Decisions 157/8 and 157/9)

New SyC on LVDC and LVDC for Electricity Access

SMB approved the report of SEG 4 on LVDC and LVDC for electricity access. A formal ballot will now be circulated to National Committees to approve the setting up of a new SyC (Systems Committee) on LVDC and LVDC for Electricity Access. SMB also agreed that the contents of the final report should be published and made publicly available, for example in the form of a technical brochure. (See presentation SMB/5988/INF).
(SMB Decision 157/10)

New TC on Wearable Smart Devices

SMB approved the report from SG 10 on Wearable Smart Devices. This emerging field is seen to be an important area and an IEC group is needed to serve as a focus point of broad activity across many TCs. SMB agreed to the setting-up of a new TC with the provisional title “Wearable Smart Devices”. The Korean NC will prepare a proposal for a new TC for circulation to NCs, taking into account the comments made on the SG 10 report.
(SMB Decision 157/11)

New TC on Electrotechnical Aspects of Management of Assets for Power Networks

SMB took note of the report prepared by ahG 65, as well as the results of voting on the proposal for a new field of technical activity, circulated as C/1961/DV. SMB approved the setting-up of a new TC 123 and assigned the secretariat to the Japanese NC.
(SMB Decision 157/16)

Disruptive technologies – ahG 60

SMB had sent the report from ahG 60 to MSB for review. MSB was sensitive to the issue but was not resourced nor structured to carry out continuous review and search for potentially disruptive technologies. Therefore SMB members requested that this issue be included as a strategic item in the new IEC Masterplan. SMB members were invited to be on the lookout for potentially disruptive technologies of which they are aware and to propose presentations on these subjects. The proposal of a new type of group known as a “Technology Evaluation Group (TEG)” was felt to be similar to the “Systems Evaluation Group (SEG)” so the matter is referred to ahG 70 looking at how to broaden the function of the SEG to include the meaning of the TEG and possibly renaming the SEG to become “Standardization Evaluation Group”.
(SMB Decision 157/14)


Review of IEC Deliverables – ahG 64

SMB accepted the recommendations from ahG 64 which reviewed the types of IEC deliverables. These include:
• Preparation of Guidelines for TC/SCs to select an appropriate deliverable type;
• Assessing the situation of Technical Reports (TRs) including requirements or recommendations to ensure that they contain no normative elements;
• Rebranding TS (Technical Specifications) and clarifying their purpose;
• Requesting DMT to modify the Directives and PAS template to give more practical guidance and information;
• Reducing the lifetime of PAS to 2x2 years from 2x3 years;
• Forward to ahG 70, Review of Systems Activities, the proposal to identify and distinguish SyC deliverables from those of TC/SCs.
• Clarification that Guides are intended for standards writers and the implications of making Guides mandatory.
(SMB Decision 157/15)


TC/SC Matters

Minutes Trial – ahG 67

SMB approved recommendations from ahG 67, TC/SC Minutes Trial, which had originally set up following suggestions from the Young Professionals.
These recommendations include:
• Guidelines for the electronic drafting of meeting agendas and reports • Template for reports
• Trial period for the electronic drafting of meeting agendas and reports.
SMB also agreed to apply some of the same principles to itself. SMB agreed that the current SMB report to CB, with the Decision Lists and a list of Actions is sufficient to report the activity of SMB, eliminating the need for longer and more complex reports which served to provide only marginal incremental benefits.
TC/SCs, SyCs, SEGs or other SMB Groups are required as a minimum to publish Decision Lists with Actions within one week following their meetings.
SMB decided to require the deadline for publishing any additional meeting reports required by the TC/SC, SyC, SEG or other SMB Group, as well as the Report to the SMB (RSMB), to be 4 weeks following the meeting (previously 3 months).
It should be noted that this is the first instance where IEC Young Professionals were invited to present policy recommendations to an IEC management body. They were responsible for the initiation of this activity and participated in its development.
(SMB Decisions 157/17)


TC/SC reports

SMB approved 8 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB noted that TCs 2 and 79 had failed to submit the TC reports (RSMB) on time and invited the NCs of GB and FR (holding the secretariat of the TCs concerned) to investigate.
(SMB Decisions 157/2 and 157/20)


Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed

SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for projects, including those with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports.
(SMB Decisions 157/21, 157/22 and 157/23)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 157

Presentation from ISO/IEC JTC 1

Mrs Karen Higginbottom, Chair ISO/IEC JTC 1, gave an update on JTC 1 activities.
SMB welcomed the intention to work closely with IEC TC/SCs as well as to interact with SEGs and SyCs. (SMB/5990/INF)
(SMB Decision 157/19)


Presentation from the European Commission

Mr Cyrill Dirscherl, European Commission, DG Grow, gave a presentation at SMB meeting 157 on “More European Standards identical to IEC Standards, enhanced exchange: the "EC-IEC policy dialogue" a concrete step forward!”
SMB welcomed the message relating to the primacy of international standards at the European level, wherever possible. SMB also welcomed the proposals for collaboration and encourages discussion on implementing closer and earlier interaction between the EC, CENELEC and the IEC. (SMB/5991/INF)
(SMB Decision 157/24)


Presentation from CENELEC on revised Dresden Agreement

Mr Maurice Buckley, CENELEC Vice-President Technical, gave a presentation on the revised Dresden Agreement, the recent Frankfurt Agreement.
SMB welcomed the commitment made by CENELEC to reinforce the primacy of international standards and strongly encouraged other regional standardization organizations to take similar steps. (SMB/5992/INF)
(SMB Decision 157/25)


Presentation from CIE

Mrs Kathryn Nield, General Secretary of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), gave an update on CIE activities. (SMB/5993/INF)


Presentation from IEEE

Mr Sam Sciacca, IEEE Senior Director, gave an update on developments within IEEE and cooperation between IEEE and IEC. (SMB/5994/INF)


Presentation from IEC Affiliate Leader

Mrs Rosario Uría, IEC Affiliate Leader, gave a presentation on the Affiliate Country Programme. SMB members, as well as other National Committees, are strongly encouraged to provide support to the events organized by the IEC Affiliates and to participate in the mentoring programme mentioned. (SMB/5995/INF)
(SMB Decision 157/26)


Presentations from the IEC Regional Centres

The IEC Regional Centres’ activities were presented by:
• AFRC (Africa Regional Centre), François Ahoti
• APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre), Dennis Chew
• LARC (Latin America Regional Centre), Amaury Santos
• RECNA (Regional Centre for North America), Timothy Rotti


Thomas A. Edison Award

The Thomas A. Edison Award was presented to
• Mr Giovanni Cassinelli, Secretary SC 23E
• Mr Geoffrey S. Ibbott, past Chair SC 62C
• Dr Yoshiaki Ichikawa, Chair TC 111
• Mr Maurice Montavon, Secretary TC 5
• Dr Bernd Sisolefsky, past Chair CISPR/B

Mr Robert Arseneault, Secretary TC 4 will receive his award at a subsequent SMB meeting



On Friday, October 14, the IEC Council held elections with the following outcomes:

Election of Dr Ralph Sporer as Chair of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) and IEC Vice-President for a three-year term (2017-2019) C/1990/INF

Appointment/re-appointment by Council in Frankfurt of six ""Automatically Appointed Members"" of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) for a three-year term of office (2017-2019) C/1992/INF

National Committee



Mr Emmanuel Petit


Mr Michael Teigeler


Mr Ivano Visintainer


Mr Tadashi Ezaki

United Kingdom

Ms Anne Humberstone

United States

Ms Sonya Bird

Election/re-election of three members of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) for a three-year term of office (2017-2019) C/1993/INF

National Committee



Mr Carlos Perez Munguia

The Netherlands

Mr Jos Remy


Mr Thomas Korssell

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