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TC News - June 2016


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Geneva, 2016-06-14



IEC Technical Activities - Structure

SMB/CAG proposal concerning the adoptions database

The SMB decided to set up ahG 68 on Adoptions, which was tasked with making recommendations on ensuring that IEC receives the appropriate information concerning adoptions of IEC publications. The ahG was requested to make recommendations concerning how the TC/SCs can support the NCs in ensuring current information reaches the adoptions database.
(SMB Decision 156/3)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning the Dresden Agreement

The SMB supported the revised Dresden Agreement currently submitted to the Council Board. The SMB requested Central Office to organize training, including the technical officer briefings given at plenary TC/SC meetings, on the importance of responding quickly to requests for standards needed to fulfil EU mandates. If IEC emphasizes the primacy of international work, it needs to satisfy requests that are made of it. The SMB also requested that this subject be included in the TC/SC officers’ workshop to be held during the Frankfurt 2016 General Meeting.
(SMB Decision 156/4)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning project management workshop follow-up

IEC and ISO organized a joint workshop on the subject of project management during April 2016, including participation by SMB and TMB members, TC/SC officers, WG convenors, project leaders and technical officers from IEC/CO and ISO/CS. The workshop made a number of recommendations, some of which were addressed to SMB and TMB. Of these, SMB took the following action:
• Move towards project management based on market needs, rather than the fixed deadlines currently in use;
• Evaluate the impact of increasing the acceptance criterion for NPs (new work) to require a 2/3 majority vote of P-members;
• Request Central Office and NCs to ensure and provide adequate training and materials for project leaders and convenors on project management and to include a session on the subject during the TC/SC officers’ workshop in the Frankfurt GM;
• Amend the NP form to require the proposer to provide information on the benefits of the proposed standards to stakeholders;
• Enquire amongst NCs on the possibility of shortening the translation period of documents at the CDV stage from 8 to 6 weeks;
• No longer wait for translations at the FDIS stage, any translation needed taking place during the voting period itself.
(SMB Decision 156/5)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning the TC/SC officers’ workshop

The SMB set up ahG 69 to develop topics, materials and the programme for the TC/SC officers’ and convenors’ workshop to be held during the Frankfurt 2016 GM.
(SMB Decision 156/6)

SMB/CAG proposal concerning the work of Systems Committees (SyC) and technical committees

The SMB noted that the difference between technical committees undertaking work on systems and the tasks given to Systems Committees was not clear to all those concerned. SMB set up ahG 70 to assess the parameters and outcomes of Systems work so far in IEC and to recommend any adjustments needed.
(SMB Decision 156/7)

New SEG 7, Smart Manufacturing

The SMB agreed to set up SEG 7, Smart Manufacturing, as precursor to the setting up of a Systems Committee. SEG 7 will evaluate, with broad participation, standardization needs in the area of smart manufacturing and make recommendations to SMB accordingly. The SEG should develop clear proposals to resolve potential issues between the activities of the new SyC and those of TC 65, and also include recommendations on activities and interactions with other organizations such as ISO and IEEE.
(SMB Decision 156/9)

Disruptive technologies – ahG 60

The SMB approved recommendations concerning the setting up of a Disruptive Technology Screening Process by the MSB. It also proposed holding a workshop in the subject during the IEC 2017 GM in Vladivostok and of a joint IEC, ISO, ITU workshop during the 2017/2018 timeframe. The SMB also decided that the proposal to create TEGs (Technology Evaluation Groups) to investigate and assess potentially disruptive technologies needed further discussion, particularly with respect to role, structure and membership.
(SMB Decision 156/12)



Directives Maintenance Team (DMT) – Election Convenor and new members

The SMB elected Mr Jim Matthews III as DMT Convenor and appointed three new members to the DMT: Mr Tony Capel (CA), Mr Vimal Mahendru (IN) and Mrs Kyungah Kim (KR).
(SMB Decision 156/15, 156/16)

Directives and Conformity Assessment

The SMB requested the DMT to ensure that the ISO/IEC Directives included the necessary mechanisms to permit feedback from CA activities into standards. SMB also set up ahG 71 jointly with the CAB to develop guidance for standards writers so that conformity assessment procedures were excluded from standards (and vice versa).
(SMB Decision 156/27)


TC/SC Matters

Review of TC/SC statistics

SMB decided to request Central Office to prepare an annual review of “dormant” TCs based on TC/SCs meeting at least 3 of the following criteria:
• Number of active projects less than or equal to 5
• Number of NP in the last three years equal 0
• Number of publications less than or equal to 5
• Number of experts less than or equal to 10
• Number of meetings in last 5 years less than or equal to 1
with recommendations from CO on possible solutions. For TCs with organizational and management responsibilities for SCs reporting to them, no action would be taken. Otherwise for TCs with no activity, their work would be merged into other TCs. For SCs with little or no activity, the work would be transferred into WGs under the parent TC and the SC disbanded. SMB decided that for the list supplied at this meeting, the action described above would be implemented by February 2017, unless corrections had been applied. The TC/SCs concerned are TCs 5, 73, 28, 70, 99; SCs 59A, 59M
(SMB Decision 156/21)

Work of SEG 4, LVDC, and TC 64, Electrical installations

The SMB emphasized the objectives of the Systems work being carried out by SEG 4, notably the high-level standardization activities and the need for TC 64 and other TCs to be fully collaborative with relevant systems groups.
(SMB Decision 156/18)

Remote participation

The SMB took note of the technology and logistical difficulties associated with remote participation in TC/SC meetings and decided to pursue the current trial for a further 2 years, hoping that some of the technology challenges might been addressed during that time frame.
(SMB Decisions 156/22)

IEC/IEEE dual-logo standards with multiple alternative requirements

In response to a case presented by Central Office on dual-logo documents prepared by TC 14, SMB agreed that standards including many alternative requirements were an unsatisfactory response to the objectives of international standardization and invited TC 14 to work with IEEE to find a suitable solution.
(SMB Decisions 156/26)

TC/SC reports

The SMB approved 41 TC/SC reports, including SBPs by correspondence before the SMB meeting. The SMB continues to monitor the timing of submission of the TCs/SCs reporting to SMB, to ensure that the reports are received within 3 months of the TC/SC meeting.
(SMB Decisions 156/2)

Projects for which extensions of target dates had been reviewed

The SMB approved extensions of target dates and project plans for projects, including those with more than 4 months delay, CDVs that require longer than 24 months to be available and requests for extensions in the TC/SC reports.
(SMB Decisions 156/23, 156/24 and 156/25)


Presentations given to SMB meeting 156

Presentation from ACSEC

Mr Markus Reigl, Chair of ACSEC gave a presentation on the activities of ACSEC. (SMB/5916/R)
(SMB Decision 156/10)

Presentation from TC 57

Mr Arnaud Ulian, Chair TC 57 gave a presentation on the work of TC 57. The SMB invited IEC and IEEE to work closely to coordinate their work programmes and the collaboration agreement. (SMB/5888/INF)
(SMB Decision 156/17)

Presentation from TC 64

Mr Etienne Tison, Chair TC 64, gave a presentation on the work of TC 64. The SMB emphasized the objectives of the Systems Committees, notably the need for high-level standardization in the corresponding fields of activity and the need for TC 64 and other TCs to be fully collaborative with the relevant systems groups. (SMB/5882/INF)
(SMB Decision 156/18)

Presentation from TC 65

Mr Ingo Weber, Chair TC 65, gave a presentation on the work of TC 65. The SMB noted that whilst TC 65 was active in the area of systems, it was not active in all areas of Smart Manufacturing, hence the need for a potential Systems Committee dealing with the subject. (SMB/5889A/INF)
(SMB Decision 156/19)

Presentation from TC 113

Dr Norbert Fabricius, Secretary TC 113, gave a presentation on the work of TC 113. The SMB encouraged TC 113 to continue its collaboration and dialogue with all stakeholders, and asked the SMB and TMB Secretariat to work with TC 113 and ISO/TC 229 to develop a standardization structure to address the opportunities posed by Graphene. The SMB authorized a pilot project to look at novel ways to work with consortia (technical and commercial aspects) in cooperation with TC 113 and possibly other TCs. CO is asked to report back on the status at SMB 157. (SMB/5901/INF)
(SMB Decision 156/20)

Next SMB Meetings


SMB confirmed the date and place of meetings listed below.
(SMB Decision 156/28)

Dates and places for 2016

2016-10-08 - Saturday CAG meeting (Frankfurt)
2016-10-10 - Monday (Frankfurt, Germany - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2017

2017-02-07 - Tuesday CAG meeting (Mexico City)
2017-02-08 - Wednesday (Mexico City)
2017-06-11 - Sunday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2017-06-12 - Monday (Geneva)
2017-10-09 - Monday (Vladivostok, Russia - General Meeting)

Dates and places for 2018

2018-02-12 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2018-02-13 - Tuesday (Geneva)
2018-06-11 - Monday CAG meeting (Geneva)
2018-06-12 - Tuesday (Geneva)
2018-10-20 - Saturday (Busan, KR)
2018-10-22 - Monday (Busan, KR- General Meeting)