International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC News - October 2009


Decisions and actions resulting from the SMB meeting held in Tel Aviv , 2009-10-18



TC reports to SMB

Projects for which extensions of target dates have been reviewed

The SMB reviewed late projects with more than 4 months delay and for CDVs requiring more than 24 months to complete, which are listed in annexes B, C, E and F to SMB/4114/DL.
(SMB Decisions 136/3 and 134/4)


TC reports to SMB


The SMB congratulated TCs/SCs on the quality of the reports submitted, approving 21 TC/SC reports, including Strategic Business Plans (SBPs) by correspondence before the SMB meeting. SMB comments on the reports are provided in Annex A of document SMB/4114/DL. The SPB of TC 23 Electrical Accessories, SMB/4042/R, was not approved.


TC 23 has been asked to develop a plan to address the concerns of the USNC, supported by other NCs, about several TC 23 standards covered by its subcommittees that does not reflecting the needs of significant markets and to revise its Strategic Business Plan accordingly.
(SMB Decision 136/2, SMB Decision 136/6)

Alternative “referee” Test Methods - SMB/4080/DC

The SMB agreed that the IEC should be flexible allowing each TC/SC to decide, as a function of their needs, on the necessity of designating a referee test method. This will require a revision to the wording of the ISO/IEC Directives expected to be finalized at the next SMB meeting in February 2010. (reference documents SMB/4080/DC, SMB/4080A/CC)
(SMB Decision 136/7)


IEC Guides


SMB agreed that attention needed to be drawn to the fact that IEC Guides may contain mandatory and non-mandatory text. A review of the IEC Guides has been undertaken and the bodies responsible for their reviews are asked to identify the mandatory parts and the parts that are for guidance only. All future Guides will give a clear indication of these elements. ISO/IEC Guides will also be considered for review in the future.
(SMB Decision 136/8)


Batteries and Battery Chargers – SMB/4104/R


The SMB was informed by the convenor of its Task Force on batteries and battery chargers that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding batteries and chargers was signed by Digital Europe (a consortia of industrial stakeholders, manufacturers in the mobile telephone industry) and the European Commission to develop European standards based on their micro-UBS specification. The EU has now prepared a standardization mandate which has been sent to the European SDOs (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI). Digital Europe will give the copyright of their existing specification to the European SDO nominated by the EU to develop ENs (these ENs, once published would then be submitted via the Dresden agreement to IEC). The MoU states, amongst other items, that all who had signed the MoU will in future deliver mobile Phones, equipped with a so-called micro USB socket, which enables the phone to be charged through the micro USB.


Within IEC, TC 100 has 2 projects on 2 mm barrel connectors and is in the process of communicating with the USB Forum, owner of the (micro-USB) specification, with a view to allocating intellectual property rights to IEC for future NPs by TC 100.


New work - Power transmission from offshore to onshore - SMB/4079/INF, SMB/4079A/INF


Following an initiative from Sweden on this subject, the SMB requested TC 18 Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units, together with other relevant IEC and ISO committees, to consider which new standards are required to cover HV offshore based non-explosive power stations, both for receiving power from onshore and for supplying the onshore grid and TC 20 Electric cables will inform SMB when a mature CIGRE-B1 document for on shore cable standard for high voltage AC and DC, is available for use as the basis for an international standard.
(SMB Decisions 136/12 and 136/13)


New work - Energy saving lamps


SMB continues to review and update a list of subjects identified for standardization and the progress in the different areas. One subject that requires urgent attention is for energy saving lamps that are replacing incandescent lamps. The Chairman of TC 34 is invited to the next SMB meeting in Geneva 2010-02-10.


SMB Strategy 2008-2011


The Brazilian and Dutch SMB members reported on how experts are recruited in their countries and how they identify new areas where full consensus standards are needed soliciting input from academia and research institutes. Australia, Sweden and the US will give their input to this subject at the next meeting and other members will follow at subsequent meetings. The information provided is useful for comparisons by other members and all the presentations that have been given will be collated for further use by the IEC Marketing and Communications Department.


In line with the SMB strategy, the SMB having reviewed and approved new generic terms of reference for the SMB advisory committees will next review the relevance missions and scopes of Sector Boards.


Energy Efficiency

SMB Strategic Group 1

SG 1 will include in its discussion the subject of co-generation at its meeting this week in Tel Aviv. By definition this is the electric and thermal energy produced simultaneously from a common fuel source. Co-generation has impact on other individual technologies such as smart metering, real time communication, energy conservation, best building practices, etc.


Standardization of Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Technologies

SMB Strategic Group 2
Standardization of Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Technologies - SMB/4082/R

The SMB received a report from SG2 which held its meeting in conjunction with the Joint IEC-CIGRE (JICCG) and approved three recommendations on the scope of SG 2; to provide a definition of UHV (TC 8), and to develop a road map of standardization on UHV DC technologies. (SMB Decisions 136/9)


Joint IEC-CIGRÉ Coordination Group (JICCG) - SMB/4083/R


The SMB disbanded the JICCG having received a final report. The SMB expressed thanks to JICCG, for the efficient and effective work that it had produced in less than two years, providing a roadmap and guidance to IEC and CIGRE in the development of UHV standardization for both AC and DC. Outstanding issues identified by JICCG will be addressed by the SMB/SG 2 group.
(SMB Decisions 136/10)


Presentations to SMB 136

Smart Grid

The secretary of the SMB/Strategic Group 3, gave the SMB a status report on the progress of the work of SG 3. At its first meeting in Paris last April, SG 3 identified 24 IEC TCs with published International Standards playing a role in the Smart Grid and how these standards address the priorities of stakeholder. The Group agreed on a basic set of standards representing cross-cutting needs, and provided information on the status of the work through framework 1 and 2 of the action plan.


The convenor and secretary had been invited to the U.S. based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid Workshop in August 2009, to engage SDOs in addressing standard-related priorities. IEC Standards were recognized as being crucial in the development of the NIST roadmap (including at present approximately 10 IEC standards) and IEC agreed to actively support identified and prioritized action fields. SG3 will review the list of some 60 standards identified by NIST at its next meeting in Denver on 19th 20th November this year.

SMB SG 4 on Low Voltage Direct Current – SMB/4078/INF, SMB/4095/R

The new Strategic Group on Low Voltage DC distribution systems up to 1500V DC has established its membership under the convenership of Sweden. Many responses were received from TCs/SCs to nominate experts to participate in this group. As the group has a limited membership, experts will be invited to participate in specific meetings. The group has produced a programme with three meetings planned, the first to take place in December this year.

Subjects of common interest to IEC and ISO – SMB/4068/INF

Several subjects are being considered that are cross-over issues between ISO and IEC. One is mechatronics where an ISO proposal for a new field of technical activity could duplicate ongoing work in existing ISO and IEC TCs. SMB has requested that ISO undertake further consultations before continuing with the work.


The SMB approved an agreement between ISO/TC 188 and IEC TC 18 on allocation of responsibilities for standardization work on small craft electrical systems.
(SMB Decision 136/18, SMB Decision 136/19)


SMB noted that IEC TC 79 has requested liaison with ISO TC 223 for the NP 22311 on Societal security – Video surveillance Format for Interoperability.


IEC involvement in Automotive Electrotechnics


The SMB reconfirmed the IEC involvement in the development of standards in the area of automotive electrotechnics.


The draft revision of the 19 year old ISO/IEC Agreement was postponed by the ISO/TMB until February 2010, mainly due to objections from ISO/TC 22 “Road Vehicles” which felt that the present Agreement clearly delineates the responsibilities of ISO and IEC and, therefore, revision was unnecessary.


While it is expected that both ISO and IEC Management bodies will approve the revised MoU, early next year, positioning IEC interests in this emerging electric vehicle technology, continues to be difficult.


The E-Mobility Workshop held in Tel Aviv was another demonstration of the technological advancements in the electric vehicle industry and demonstrated the need for the IEC to become the key player.


SMB and TMB are exploring ways of synergy and closer cooperation. At the next joint SMB/TMB group session in June 2010, this subject will be further explored.


ISO/IEC Group on Deliverables - SMB/4099/DC


The SMB noted the request from the ISO/IEC Group on Deliverables to send a questionnaire to NCs for circulation to their stakeholders and agreed, however requested that the joint group define the stakeholders and to provide a more concise version of the questionnaire.




Karen Higginbottom, chairman of ISO/IEC JTC 1 reported on several issues relating to the IEC, mainly concerning alignment with the ISO/IEC Directives, coordination and liaison with TC 100, and the JTC 1 initiated innovations. SMB noted the JTC 1 initiative for the establishment of a special working group on Smart Grid and emphasised that Smart Grid activities should be coordinated in one body, namely SMB SG 3.


ISO/IEC JDMT report - SMB/4065/R


The SMB concurred with ISO/TMB resolution 132/2009, with respect to recommendation A.3 of the JDMT report concerning – ISO/IEC Directives Part 2 – modification for the 2010 edition, requesting the JDMT to reconsider the proposed wording of the boilerplate text to introduce normative references addressed in part i) and disapproved the proposal to relocate the titles of figures addressed in part iii). The rest of the recommendations are approved:

  • A1 0906/01: Review the recommendations of the JDMT’s Market Relevance Task Force (MRTF);

  • A 2 0906/02: WG participation, numbers of experts and continuation of projects;

  • A4 0996/08: Review of the respective texts from IEC and ISO for ISO/IEC Directives Part 2 clauses 6.7 and 6.8;

  • A 5 0906/11: Use of ISO’s four digit stage code in IEC’s project data base.
    (SMB Decision 136/21)