International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
TC/SC Guidance by role

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Guidance by role


Secretary / Assistant Secretary


The agenda for plenary meetings (view model document) is prepared by the secretary in consultation with the chair and distributed by Central Office at least 4 months before the meeting. It includes:

  • all documents to be discussed for the TC/SC to make a decision concerning the next stage of the project;
  • the activity reports from the TC/SC Chair, Secretary, WG Convenors, PT/MT leaders and liaison representatives, if any;
  • an item allocated to the discussion and approval of the Work programme and the committee's strategic business plan;
  • a review of all the TC/SCs liaisons;
  • any problems encountered in the smooth operation of the TC/SC (liaisons, change in title and scope, etc.)

All other basic documents, for example new work item proposals, shall be distributed by the same deadline.


Other working documents to be circulated, such as compilations of comments, should reach the Central Office at least 6 weeks before the meeting.


Approximately 4 weeks before a meeting, the Central Office will create and circulate an electronic meeting folder comprising the agenda and all documents mentioned in the agenda.


After the circulation of the electronic meeting folder, late documents may be tabled as meeting documents. Meeting documents will only be introduced into the agenda after the chair has obtained the unanimous approval of the P-member delegations present at the meeting.