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The role of the Chair

Roles and responsibilities

The chair of a technical committee is responsible for the overall management of that technical committee, including any subcommittees and working groups.


The chair of a technical committee or subcommittee shall

  • act in a purely international capacity, divesting him- or herself of a national position; thus he or she cannot serve concurrently as the delegate of a national body in his or her own committee
  • guide the secretary of that technical committee or subcommittee in carrying out his or her duty
  • conduct meetings with a view to reaching agreement on committee drafts
  • ensure at meetings that all points of view expressed are adequately summed up so that they are understood by all present
  • ensure at meetings that all decisions are clearly formulated and made available in written form by the secretary for confirmation during the meeting
  • take appropriate decisions at the enquiry stage
  • advise the technical management board on important matters relating to that technical committee via the technical committee secretariat. For this purpose he or she shall receive reports from the chairmen of any subcommittees via the subcommittee secretariats
  • ensure that the policy and strategic decisions of the technical management board are implemented in the committee
  • ensure the establishment and ongoing maintenance of a strategic business plan covering the activities of the technical committee and all groups reporting to the technical committee, including all subcommittees
  • ensure the appropriate and consistent implementation and application of the committee's strategic business plan to the activities of the technical committee’s or subcommittee’s work programme
  • assist in the case of an appeal against a committee decision.