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Guidance by role



Before the meeting

It is important to understand the nature and limitations of the various types of document that are used in the work of the IEC. A full description can be found in the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 and in the IEC supplement to ISO/IEC Directives.


The Work programme is an essential tool for setting goals as it lists the projects currently in development in the committee, together with the various stages and target dates. Being familiar with document numbering is also helpful.

The agenda

The chair and the secretary should carefully discuss the draft agenda together, evaluating items to be discussed and time allocated for each subject. and justify travel expenses and necessity to hold a meeting.


The agenda is prepared by the secretary and sent to the Central Office and circulated at least 4 months prior to the meeting. The same applies for all the documents intended to be discussed at the committee meeting.All TC/SC plenary meeting draft agenda (DA document) should clearly state the starting and estimated finishing times of all meetings.

During the meeting

  • Conduct meetings with a view to reaching agreement on committee drafts
  • Ensure at meetings that all points of view expressed are adequately summed up so that they are understood by all present.

After the meeting

Ensure at meetings that all decisions are clearly formulated and made available in written form by the secretary for confirmation during the meeting.