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Printing comments and tracked changes

Comments and tracked changes are part of Word's so-called markup. By choosing whether or not to include markup when printing, you can print

  • the document with changes and comments
  • the document without changes and comments
  • just the changes and comments (List of markup)


The required options can be found in the Print menu: File > Print > Settings

(in Word 2007, click the Office button, then select Print > Settings).


Then choose among the options in the first box. Print all pages prints the entire document; if Print Markup is checked, changes and comments are printed too. List of Markup will only print changes and comments, not the document itself.


print markup 2010



Then select an option under Print what.


print markup 2003


Document prints only the document itself, Document showing markup prints the document with changes and comments, and List of markup prints just the list of changes and comments, not the document.


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