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Using non-breaking spaces to keep text
elements together

To prevent elements of text that belong together from being split up by a line break, please use non-breaking spaces.



  • Numbers should not be split across lines; "20 000" must not become "20
    000". Use a non-breaking space after "20".
  • Numbers and their units or symbols belong together; make sure to keep "10 °C" on one line, and avoid the possibility of it turning out as "10
  • To ensure cross-references do not come out like this: "see Table
    7", insert a non-breaking space between "Table" and "7".


To insert a non-breaking space in Word, simultaneously press the following three keys: <Ctrl> <Shift> and the spacebar.


Note: When the "Show paragraph marks" option is active in Word, a non-breaking space will look like the symbol for "degree": °