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Tracking changes in a document

What is change tracking?

When working on a CDV document, the IEC editors track all changes that could have an impact on document structure or contents. Grammar, spelling and punctuation corrections will usually not be tracked.


Tracking changes allows the authors of a document to see what the editor has modified, highlighted in different colours. Authors can then review these changes and accept or decline them one by one.


Turning change tracking on and off

To start or stop tracking changes in a document, the Track changes option is turned on and off by going to Review > Track changes.


Displaying changes and comments

When you open a document containing tracked changes, you will see changes (insertions and deletions) and comments displayed in different colours, either within the document text itself or in balloons in the document margin.


You can adapt the way changes and comments are displayed in the Track Changes options. To access the Track Changes options:

  • Review, then click on the arrow next to Track Changes

You can choose between the balloon display (changes and comments are displayed in an extra margin next to the text) and the normal display (changes are marked up in the text, comments can be seen when hovering the mouse over the comment insertion place). To see all changes and comments in the margin:

  • after Use balloons (Print and Web layout), select Always

Note: Balloon display is available in the Print layout view, but not in the Draft view.


Reviewing changes and comments

To review changes in a document, position the cursor at the beginning of the document, then:

  • in the Review tab, click on Next in the Changes section. The first change will be highlighted. Either accept or reject it by clicking on the respective button. Repeat these steps until you have dealt with all changes.

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