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Drafting IEC publications



Creating the table of contents

The table of contents of IEC publications shows all elements marked up with the following styles from the IEC template:

  • Heading1, Heading2, Heading3 (clause and subclause titles up to level 3)
  • ANNEX_title (Annexes)
  • HEADING(Nonumber) (Foreword, Bibliography)

It also comprises a list of figures and a list of tables. All figure and table titles therefore need to be marked up with the corresponding style from the IEC template:

  • FIGURE-title
  • TABLE-title


Inserting the IEC table of contents

To insert a new table of contents, use the corresponding autotext from the Add-Ins tab (Word 2007/2010) or the IEC autotext toolbar (Word 2003).


Word 2007/2010:

Go to the Add-Ins tab and click on Table of Contents

Word 2010 Add-Ins tab



Word 2003:

1) Open the IEC autotext toolbar
from the View Menu in Word 2003

2) Click on Table of Contents
in the IEC autotext toolbar

view IEC autotext toolbar IEC autotexts



Updating the table of contents

To update the table of contents, place the cursor inside the table and press the key F9. This needs to be done separately for the table of contents itself, the list of figures and the list of tables.



Problems with the IEC table of contents?

Due to the many regional variants and settings in Windows and Word, the IEC table of contents does not work on all computers. When we edit your document during the CDV, FDIS and publication stages, we also work on the table of contents, so the published version of your document will contain the IEC table of contents with all the appropriate settings.


However, a table of contents can also be of great help during the drafting process. If the IEC one does not work in your case, you can insert one of Word's default tables.

  • References > Table of contents, then select a model

It will not be configured exactly like an IEC publication but should allow you to benefit from the structural overview and the links to clauses and subclauses.


If you are an expert user and would like to find out how to make the IEC table of contents work in your case, please contact the Layout helpdesk.



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