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Working with commented documents

Word's commenting feature allows the document reviewer to add comments to the document. During CDV editing, the IEC editors use this feature for communication about the document with the TC, explaining changes that are not obvious or requesting clarification.


The TC in charge of the document should take the comments into account when updating the document for FDIS, by integrating clarifications into the text or making the necessary changes.


Inserting comments

Commenting may also be useful for collaboration within the TC. To create a comment, place the cursor at the position where you want to insert the comment, or select a piece of text, then click Review > New comment.


Displaying comments

You can adapt the way changes and comments are displayed under the Track Changes options. To access the Track Changes options, click Review, then click on the arrow next to Track Changes.


You can choose between the balloon display (changes and comments are displayed in an extra margin next to the text) and the normal display (changes are marked up in the text, comments can be seen when hovering the mouse over the comment insertion place). To see all changes and comments in the margin, after Use balloons (Print and Web layout), select Always


If you choose not to work with balloons, make sure a tooltip window is displayed when hovering your mouse above the comment. If this is not the case, please do the following:

  • Word 2010 and later: File > Options > Display >
    check Show document tooltips on hover
  • Word 2007: MS Office button > Word Options > Display >
    check Show document tooltips on hover


Reviewing comments

Under the Review tab in the Comments section, click on Next to jump to the next comment. Once you have reviewed a comment and wish to delete it, ensure the cursor is placed within the comment, then click Delete.


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