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Drafting IEC publications



Using the IEC autotexts

The IEC standard template contains autotexts (text blocks that are automatically inserted, e.g. for forewords). Using these autotexts will save you the effort of taking over and adapting forewords from other publications.


Moreover, these autotexts will always contain the most up-to-date text, provided that you use the latest version of the IEC standard template.


Types of autotexts

Autotexts exist for forewords to International Standards, Technical Reports, Technical Specifications, Publicly Available Specifications and Amendments, for the introductory paragraph of the Normative references clause and for a notice on patent rights.


Moreover, there is an IEC autotext allowing you to insert a landscape page between two portrait pages with a single click, including a correct page layout and IEC header, and another autotext to insert a table of contents (including a list of figures and tables), formatted in the correct IEC style.


How to insert an autotext

To access the autotexts, apply the IEC template to your document, then select the Add-Ins tab:


Word 2010 Add-Ins tab



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