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Drafting IEC publications



Patent rights

When a publication is prepared in which it is claimed that some of the subject matter may involve the use of a patent, the TC/SC involved is responsible for obtaining from the patent-holder a declaration stating what type of licences they are willing to grant – either free or reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions.


When this is the case, the following shall be observed:

1)    Point 9 of the Foreword shall be deleted.

2)    The standard patent auto text from the IEC template shall be inserted in the introduction and completed as follows:

  • with indications on the subject matter
  • whether the licenses are free or granted under reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions
  • the name and address of the patent-holder

Please go to http://patents.iec.ch and log in to declare any patents. This should be done at the latest by the FDIS stage. For further information, as well as the relevant forms, see the Common patent guidelines.