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Drafting IEC publications




As far as possible, copying material from an exterior source shall be avoided. Rather than reproduce exterior material, it is preferable to include a cross reference to it (for example: "See Table 3 of XXXX") and list the document being referred to in the Normative references clause.

In the cases where it is essential to reproduce material from an exterior source, the following rules apply:


1) Do not include copyright material in an IEC document if permission to do so has not been obtained from the copyright holder. It is the responsibility of the TC secretary to obtain it and to formally communicate this to the IEC Technical Officer. Please make sure that such permissions are obtained before a document is submitted to the IEC.


2) For material from published sources:

  • specify the source, for example "Source: Table 3 of IEEE 1754-2010"
  • insert the following footnote:
  • Reproduced (from xxxx [name of doc, if necessary]), with the permission of yyyy [name of organization/copyright holder].
  • list the source document in the Bibliography


3) For material from unpublished sources exterior to the IEC:

  • specify the source, for example "Source: Nakajima, unpublished."
  • insert the following footnote:
  • Published with the permission of the author.

Adoption of documents from external sources

Specific rules apply to the adoption of exterior documents, and are covered by ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1, as well as ISO/IEC Directives, IEC Supplement.



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