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Drafting IEC publications



Tools for the drafting of IEC publications

The main tool used for drafting is MS Word. Today, there are many different versions of Word, and two different document formats exist (.doc and .docx). Used without proper consideration of their possibilities and limitations, they can cause massive compatibility issues.


Therefore we advise each TC to give some thought to the question of which format they want to use (for additional information, see Preferred Word format).



In addition to text, publications generally also contain figures. For the elaboration of image files, please ensure you use a tool that is well suited to your particular task. You can find some basic information on image editing tools and graphic formats in the Graphics & figures pages.


File exchange

Normally, files for IEC publications are exchanged via e-mail. However, in the case of big files (especially for the transfer of image files) your TC's space in the Collaboration Tools would be a more adequate solution.


Please contact your Technical Officer to arrange for the best possible way of exchanging files with the IEC.