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Drafting IEC publications



Keeping control of document versions

When preparing a publication, different authors contribute to one document. Their contributions are merged, and the document is exchanged several times between various people.


All across the development of your publication, it is of the utmost importance to have one central reference document, and to avoid developing two or more documents in parallel.


Parallel document development can create massive confusion and often results in time-consuming, painful cycles of repeating work that has been invested in one document, once it is discovered that a more up-to-date version exists.


We recommend you to think of a strategy to ensure that everyone contributing to the publication knows where to find the original file. You may want to consider using Collaboration Tools as a place to store the working documents of your working group.


In order to avoid developing documents in parallel with the IEC, it is important that you do not work on your copy of the document while the IEC is editing it, particularly during the CDV stage.