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Drafting IEC publications



CDV documents (Enquiry stage)

From the CDV stage onwards, you will be supported in your work of drafting an IEC publication by the IEC Editing and Document preparation team - an IEC-internal team of editors, graphic designers and layout specialists. Their role is to assist the TCs to make their documents fit for publication, in close collaboration with the TC secretary.


The IEC Editing and Document preparation team works on CDV documents during the voting period (12 weeks). A complete set of CDV documents usually consists of the Word document plus image files in editable formats for all of the figures.


Documents are formatted and edited. The IEC editors make changes and comments in MS Word revision mode (for guidance on working with these documents, see the pages on change tracking and commented documents).

After the CDV voting, the IEC returns the edited document to the TC secretary who then integrates the NCs' comments into it and reviews the changes and comments from the IEC editors.


It is essential that from the moment the CDV is sent to the IEC, the TC does not make further changes to their copy of the document, to avoid parallel development (for more information, see Keeping control of document versions).


The edited version is then sent to the TC Secretary. A copy is sent to the French NC. The Secretary is in charge of forwarding the edited document to the respective project leader. This copy is used to prepare the next stage, the FDIS document.


Documents are normally exchanged via e-mail. If the attachment size exceeds 5MB, your TC's Collaboration Space should be a good place to exchange files. In this case, please contact your Technical Officer or Administrative Assistant.


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