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Drafting IEC publications



Autodesk AutoCAD

If you use Autodesk AutoCAD to create your drawings, download our customization files IEC-template_autocad_v1.1.dwt and IEC-plot-style_v1.1.ctb from the download table below.


Create a new drawing by opening the IEC template. The grey frame delimits the maximum drawing size for an IEC publication (225 mm × 170 mm).

The different layers available within the IEC AutoCAD template:



Send us the AutoCAD files (.dwg)  in addition to the submitted Word document, so that we can correct them if necessary.

You will also need to insert a bitmap image in your Word document, for example as follows:

  • Press Ctrl+P to print your drawing
  • Select an Adobe PDF virtual printer, then select the file IEC Plot style V1.1.ctb from the menu “Plot style table”
  • Scale 1:1
  • Choose where to save your .pdf file
  • Open the .pdf with Adobe Acrobat. Choose "take a snapshot" from the Edit menu, then select the area to copy.
  • In your Word document, insert a drawing canvas where you want the image to appear (Insert > Shapes > New drawing canvas in Word 2010), then paste the image.


Download AutoCAD templates


File name
IEC template for AutoCAD, version 1 IEC-template_autocad_v1.1.dwt downloadable file 36 kB
CTB / pen configuration file, version 1 IEC-plot-style_v1.1.ctb downloadable file 5 kB