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Drafting IEC publications



13 Introduction

13.1 Purpose or rationale

The Introduction provides specific information or commentary about the technical content of the document, and about the reasons prompting its preparation.


13.2 Normative or informative?

The Introduction is an informative element. It shall not contain requirements.


13.3 Mandatory, conditional or optional?

The Introduction is an optional element. It is only mandatory if a specific patent right has been identified during the development of the document.


13.4 Numbering and subdivision

The Introduction shall not have a clause number. If it is necessary to create numbered subdivisions, the subclauses are numbered 0.1, 0.2, … .


13.5 Specific principles and rules

Whenever alternative solutions are offered in a document and preferences for the different alternatives provided, the reasons for the preferences shall be explained in the Introduction.


Where patent rights have been identified in a document, the Introduction shall include an appropriate notice. See Clause 30.