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Drafting IEC publications



21 Bibliography

21.1 Purpose or rationale

The Bibliography lists, for information, those documents which are cited informatively in the document, as well as other information resources.


21.2 Normative or informative?

The Bibliography is an informative element. It shall not contain requirements, permissions or recommendations.


21.3 Mandatory, conditional or optional?

The Bibliography is a conditional element. Its inclusion is dependent on whether informative references are present in the document.


21.4 Numbering and subdivision

The Bibliography shall not have a clause number. It may be subdivided in order to group the referenced documents under descriptive headings. Such headings shall not be numbered.


Referenced documents and information resources listed may be numbered to simplify cross-referencing.


21.5 Specific principles and rules

The Bibliography, if present, shall appear after the last annex.


Referenced documents and information resources listed can be dated or undated. See 10.4 and 10.5.



In the following case, the citation is not normative but informative. The document cited shall be listed not in the Normative references clause but in the Bibliography:


Wiring of these connectors should take into account the wire and cable diameter of the cables defined in IEC 61156.


In the following case, the citation is normative and the document shall be listed in the Normative references clause:


Connectors shall conform to the electrical characteristics specified by IEC 60603-7-1.