Document preparation

Drafting IEC publications




Authors are encouraged to contact the relevant helpdesk to dispel any incertitude during the drafting process. We will respond swiftly and comprehensively to all queries.


Drafting and editing of IEC documents

The IEC editing team ensures that the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2 is complied with, checks grammar, spelling and punctuation, and verifies the equivalence of the English and French versions.


Contact the editor of your document or

editing [at]

Find your editor

1) On the IEC website, go to Standards development > List of TC/SC.



2) Select the tab Structure.

3) Within this tab, select Officers.



Layout and formatting / the IEC template

The layout team ensures that the documents are clearly structured, giving them a visual identity that will make them instantly recognisable as IEC publications.


Contact layout [at]


Graphics and figures

The graphics and figures team edits the visual content of documents to homogenise its appearance and to ensure that it is readily comprehensible.


Contact figures [at]


Terms and definitions

The IEC Terminology Coordinator works with the committees and TC 1 to optimize the terminology standardization process and coordinates the harmonization of terms for inclusion in the Electropedia database.


Contact terminology [at]