International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Processes and Procedures

Processes & Procedures

Standards Development


Target dates

The technical committee or subcommittee shall establish, for each project on its programme of work, target dates for the completion of each of the following steps:

  • completion of the first working draft (in the event that only an outline of a working document has been provided by the originator of the new work item proposal);
  • circulation of the first committee draft;
  • circulation of the enquiry draft;
  • circulation of the final draft International Standard (in agreement with the office of the CEO);
  • publication of the International Standard (in agreement with the office of the CEO).

The following time limits may be used as guidance when establishing target dates (following approval of the work item):

  • availability of working draft (if not supplied with the proposal): 6 months
  • availability of committee draft: 12 months
  • availability of enquiry draft: 24 months
  • availability of approval draft: 33 months
  • availability of published standard: 36 months

All target dates shall be kept under continuous review and amended as necessary, and shall be clearly indicated in the programme of work. Revised target dates shall be notified to the technical management board. The technical management board will cancel all work items which have been on the work programme for more than 5 years and have not reached the approval stage.