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About TC/SC liaisons

Category C Liaison


Organizations that make a technical contribution to and participate actively in the work of a working group, maintenance team or project team.

Acceptance criteria:

Liaison organizations can include manufacturer associations, commercial associations, industrial consortia, user groups and professional and scientific societies. Liaison organizations shall be multinational (in their objectives and standards development activities) with individual, company or country membership and may be permanent or transient in nature. A liaison organization shall be willing to make a contribution to ISO or IEC as appropriate. A liaison organization shall have a sufficient degree of representativity within its defined area of competence within a sector or sub-sector of the relevant technical or industrial field.

Management of liaisons:

Category C liaisons shall be submitted for approval to the technical management board by the committee secretary, with a clear indication of the WG/PT/MT concerned. The submission shall include a rationale for the setting-up of the liaison, as well as an indication of how the organization meets the acceptance criteria. The committee secretary is responsible for administering C-liaisons.

Review of liaisons:

Technical committees and subcommittees shall review all their liaison arrangements on a regular basis, at least every 2 years, or at every committee meeting.

Rights and obligations:

Category C liaison organizations have the right to participate as full members in a working group or project team . Category C liaison experts act as the official representative of the organization by which they are appointed.