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Standardization Management Board (SMB)

The SMB (Standardization Management Board) is responsible for the overall management of the IEC's standardization activities.


The following bodies report to the SMB:

  • Technical committees are created and disbanded by the Standardization Management Board. The field of technical activity, which is called the scope, is approved by the Standardization Management Board and any subsequent changes have to be submitted for approval. Technical committees inform the Standardization Management Board of liaisons (Category A- and B- liaisons) with international organizations and submit for approval liaisons with manufacturers associations, consortia and fora (Category D-liaisons);
  • Technical Advisory Committees which help ensure the coordination across the technical work of the IEC of issues such as safety, environment and electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Strategic Groups also help the SMB by looking at market needs and outlining any potential cross-over of work.
  • Systems Work will define and strengthen the systems approach throughout the technical community to ensure that highly complex market sectors can be properly addressed and supported.

Technical committees (TC)

The technical committees report to the Standardization Management Board.

Subcommittees (SC)

A subcommittee may be created by the parent technical committees when it considers that its field of technical activity generates too many work items to be efficiently handled by itself. The scope of the subcommittee falls within the scope of the parent committee and any changes have to be approved by the parent technical committee.