International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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The work of the IEC underpins just about every aspect of energy generation, distribution, electrical installations, and electricity use:

  • Power generation from hydro, marine, solar, wind power, fossil fuels, nuclear, geothermal;
  • Transport of electricity over long distances to cities;
  • Safe and efficient electricity distribution and use by billions of devices and systems in buildings, offices, medical facilities, shopping centres, transportation, factories, public institutions or the utilities that supply water, electricity or remove household waste;

The IEC covers the whole energy chain and can help ensure a continuous supply of affordable, sustainable, quality power.

IEC work, including for microgrids, LVDC (low voltage direct current) systems, off-grid energy and energy storage systems, can help cities to maintain power longer and recover power faster after power outages and disasters.