International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The IEC Centenary Challenge

Build reach

Build reach

Eying that government contract

Enhance your chances in public tenders

Government bodies rely on standards for technical reference in public tenders. It gives them confidence that products are built to commonly agreed standards and that they will fit now and in the long run with existing products and systems. 


Standards take the burden of proof off your shoulders because they offer built-in safety and performance assurance. By using IEC International Standards, you demonstrate that you meet those requirements. By being involved in IEC standardization work, you help set those requirements.

Show your long-term commitment

Governments generally have a very long-term outlook. A device or system bought for use in a public service is likely to remain in operation for a long time. 


Compliance with standards makes you an attractive partner for governments. It provides them with the assurance that your products and systems will fit with what is already installed and   that replacement parts can come from more than one source.  This extends life-span and keeps costs down.


That is a good idea because it will make your life easier too. You don’t need to keep those replacement parts in big quantities, incurring storage and warehousing costs. You can buy them in a competitive market, as and when you need them.

Good regulatory practice

Law-makers incorporate references to IEC International Standards in legal documents. Since IEC International Standards are regularly reviewed, they remain up-to-date and that in turn allows laws to remain current.

Facilitating quality control and compliance testing

Regulators in many countries directly recognize certificates and test reports issued by the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems as proof of compliance to regulatory requirements. This then greatly facilitates market access for manufacturers.