International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The IEC Centenary Challenge

Build reach

Build reach

Product adoption the easy way

Access new markets, faster

Nothing slows down markets more from growing than disparate standards. Standardized products are simply more convincing and they are also easier to sell. They are more easily adopted by more customers and this in turn results sooner in faster market development and higher sales.

Stay ahead

Complying with electrotechnical standards puts your products ahead of non-conforming products. Good. Now you can expand your product offer and start the cycle again, increasing your business in the process. 

Add trust to develop your markets

Customers find it easier to buy products that are based on agreed standards. Even in fast evolving high-tech markets, consumers like to know that what they buy is not going to be obsolete tomorrow.


When manufacturers fight over standards, they lose market momentum.  When there is disagreement around a standard, customers often wait with their purchase until a clear winner crystallizes. HD DVD and Blueray  are   good examples.


Customers also want products that behave as expected, plug in directly and don’t need adaptors. Ease-of-use is the key.


For more expensive products they also want after-sales service and maintenance, which implies standardized replacement parts.

Reputation management A-Z

Brands and retailers can give consumers a certain level of reassurance about the quality and reliability of their products. In turn they  themselves rely on products that fulfil basic quality criteria to protect their own reputation and business. 

Make things work as they should

When businesses invest in devices and systems, they usually want them to work safely and efficiently with previously purchased and installed devices and systems. Interoperability but also maintenance are a must and standards are the key.