International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Your perspective


Share your opinion

Share your opinion

Sit in the driver's seat

No matter how small or big your company, your opinion counts

If you participate in the standardization process, you have a say in what goes into an IEC International Standard.

You have a say

The consensus process at the heart of standard development is real applied democracy. Every vote in a technical committee carries the same weight, whether you speak for a company of 200 or 20’000 employees. Don't leave it to others to decide which rules and technologies drive the future.

Make your voice heard

Get actively involved, exert your influence on the process or tomorrow’s standards will not bear your stamp but rather that of your competitor.

Help keep the development of rules where it belongs

Governments happily leave the laborious but vital task of creating new standards to the industry and keep legislation free of variable technical specifications. This encourages self-regulation. Let’s keep it that way.