International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


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Develop insights

Develop insights

Increase your R&D team for free

Extend your reach

Exchanges with world experts who participate in IEC standardization can help you to train and orient your most innovative thinkers and to improve your innovation processes.

Access the world’s biggest think tank

When your bright minds participate in IEC standardization, they have access to a global think tank which fosters fruitful discussions that can not be reproduced in isolated research teams. Topics are highly focused and oriented towards solutions.

Benefit from free expert advice

Through your experts, you are able to get feedback on specific problems and explore how others out there have tackled similar challenges. Your staff will be able to talk with specialists who would not be easily accessible otherwise and obtain insights that would normally not come that inexpensively.

Increase the know-how of your employees

IEC International Standards are a rich source of hands-on technical know-how and IEC standardization platforms offer an ideal training platform for your professionals.


They foster applied creativity and problem- solving capabilities, increasing the value of your employees for your company.

Pick up new business on the way

When you participate in IEC standardization, you will not only meet interesting and knowledgeable people, but you will also be able to raise your standing and increase your clout.


The trust you earn through your contributions and know-how will open networking opportunities for you that can lead to new business and extend your access to potential customers.