International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


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The IEC Centenary Challenge

Accelerate innovation

Accelerate innovation

Get it right the first time around

Cut down on trial and error

IEC International Standards provide you with a platform from which your innovations can soar higher. They offer globally accepted set of rules and you have access to and benefit from the learning curve of others.

Shared body of knowledge

Cut down on trial and error and start your innovation process from a shared body of knowledge. Mitigate your risks at every stage. There is really no need to start from scratch.


Standards allow your products to connect with existing products and that leads to increased customer convenience.


Standard-based products are designed, manufactured and marketed at lower cost. This reduces your risks and inspires confidence.

Universally understood

Standards also offer a globally accepted set of terms and definitions, leaving very little room for misunderstanding. This facilitates cooperation and enables two-way technology transfer.

Repeat success

Standardization allows for the reuse of successful design principles and that helps you to create products that age more slowly and cost less.