International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The IEC Centenary Challenge

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

No need to cut corners

Reduce cost without sacrificing performance and safety

You spend a great deal  of money and time to bring a new product to the market. Sometimes millions  are invested in capital, equipment, human resources and manufacturing.

Let others make the mistakes

With investments of  that magnitude, you want to avoid all the mistakes that others have made before you and take into account all the market requirements, long before you actually start to sell.

Cut time to market by half

Standards not only help you to get your products faster to the market, but they also  help you extend the life-span of products, making your investment last longer. Successful design principles can easily be reused, creating products that age more slowly.

Eliminate uncertainty

Each IEC International Standard is the synthesis of hundreds of discussions among industry experts and provides you with a trustworthy platform on which you can build your innovations. Globally accepted, neutral reference points eliminate interpretation and grey areas.

Built-in safety and reliability

Standards offer you a built-in level of safety, reliability and performance and cover the environment, chemical and waste management. You really don’t have  to cut corners to be competitive.