International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The IEC Centenary Challenge

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Competition at full play

Ensure fair competition - benefit from the most competitive offers

Technical standards help you screen suppliers and let you take advantage of comparative offers, by keeping your prices competitive.


If a supplier manufactures standard-based products, you know that they will fit with what you already have. You will also find it easier to stay away from low-quality products.

Show your best side

Generally speaking, organisations with standard-based processes are more attractive as business partners as well as in mergers and joint ventures.

Quality assured products at competitive prices

When you use standard-based products, you improve the cost-efficiency of your supply chain and reduce overhead costs. Because standardized products are easier to come by, you needn’t  stock them.  On the other hand, if you manufacture standardized products, your market will be bigger.

Spend your money where it pays off

After-sales service and maintenance for standardized products is cheaper, faster and simpler. You can save money which you can invest better elsewhere.

Be an insider from the start

IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems ensure that you have the same competitive advantage as the other players in a given market. They also help you buy and sell products that come with a guaranteed level of quality and safety.