International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


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The IEC Centenary Challenge

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Access markets faster and more efficiently, anywhere in the world


Standards let you save up to 4.5 % in production costs. They help you better manage the quality of products and services  throughout the world and improve design, engineering, production, installation and certification.

Limit variations

  • Streamline your production
  • Reduce your SKUs (stock-keeping units)
  • Facilitate quality control and certification

You want to sell your products beyond your home market and you really don’t want to invest time and money in researching which country needs what  variations. Actually, you would prefer it if you could build your products in a way that would eliminate variations altogether.


There is an ongoing drive to harmonize standards globally. Standardized products are more easily adopted by both existing and new markets. This results in more rapid  market development and, soon, higher sales.


While it may not always be possible to eliminate all variations, standards can help you identify commonalities and alert you to national differences.

Standardize testing

When your products are built to IEC International Standards, you have an additional advantage: you can use IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems to accelerate market access in many countries. IEC CA Systems greatly simplify the global certification process by reducing the number of steps required to obtain certification at the national level. This reduces trade barriers caused by different national certification criteria, because IEC CA Systems provide a standardized approach to testing and certification.


All members of IEC CA Systems mutually accept certificates issued by another member of the System. 


One test, one factory inspection, one certification open the doors to all member countries of a System.


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