International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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Your perspective


Want to get involved?

Using the strategic power of standardization

You have decided that your company needs to get actively involved to benefit from the many strategic advantages of standardization.


You have experts that are willing to share their expertise and are able to participate in IEC work.


The IEC has currently 174 TCs and SCs (Technical Committees and Subcommittees) with over 1000 working groups.


To start with, please contact your IEC NC (National Committee) to find out how your company can get involved. Your IEC NC represents the full range of your country’s electrotechnical sector. Based on your core activities and on available resources, your IEC NC will help you find the right TCs for you to get involved in.


If your company has subsidiaries in more than one country, you may want to get involved in standardization work in several of them. In this case please contact each relevant IEC NC.


If your country doesn’t have an IEC NC because it is not yet a member of the IEC, or is not involved in the TC or SC that is of the most interest to you, please contact IEC in Geneva to find out more.


We look forward to welcome you soon at the table where the global rules for your industry are written.