International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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How long does it take to create an International Standard?

How long it really takes depends on how fast an industry needs a standard and how fast the different stakeholders are willing to move and agree amongst themselves. Standardization stabilizes market access for products and systems.


To get experts from many countries around the world to agree on a set of rules and specifications that will then be valid in many countries (voluntary consensus-based process), may take longer than when a select group of companies sits together in a country or region of the world. However, the time spent in the preparation of the International Standard is later recuperated because requirements can be built into product designs from the very beginning and those products can be sold to many more markets.


The IEC also has a fast track approach to take on board accepted industry standards and guide them through the consensus-based process. This can avoid having to start from scratch and can shorten the time it takes to publish the International Standard.