IEC Central Office Geneva

IEC Central Office (IEC CO) is headquartered in Geneva. Regional offices are located in Sâo Paulo, Nairobi, Sidney, Singapore, and Worcester.

The IEC Central Office (IEC CO) in Geneva provides support to IEC Members and Affiliate countries; supervises the proper application of rules and procedures; ensures the smooth progress of work by the IEC technical committees/subcommittees (TC/SCs) and the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems and publishes IEC International Standards and other publications.  

The IEC CO also contributes to the organization of the annual General Meeting, and hosts meetings, seminars and workshops of TC/SCs and other IEC stakeholders. 

For general or sales enquiries about IEC Standards and products, as well as questions about reproducing content from IEC Standards and publications, please contact us.
For questions about the use of the IEC brand please contact Communication.

IEC Central Office Geneva & IECEE/IECRE Secretariat

3 rue de Varembé, PO Box 131 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland