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News release – 2018 Number 04

IECRE issues first solar PV certificate

IEC TS 62941 certificate identifies best practices for design, manufacturing and materials


Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-05-29The IECRE (the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications) is pleased to announce the first IEC TS 62941 certificate issued to First Solar, Inc., a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems.



IEC TS 62941 identifies best practices for PV product design, manufacturing processes, and the selection and control of materials. The certification was issued by the global safety and certification organization, Underwriters Laboratories – UL (US), one of the first approved Renewable Energy Certification Bodies (RECBs) in the IECRE.

First Solar becomes the first company to benefit from the harmonized certification process for the PV sector. The IECRE System enables broader industry stakeholder participation in defining the third party certification process, which guarantees the certificates will meet the needs of industry.

It reduces costs for manufacturers and consumers by eliminating the need for duplicative evaluations and certifications in different markets.

“The IECRE System for certifying PV products, systems, and farms ensures that all stakeholders will have confidence and trust that devices and installations are built to International Standards and perform as promised”, said Kerry McManama, Executive Secretary & COO of the IECRE System.

IEC TS 62941 has raised the industry standards for PV module product design, development, product certification, process control, raw material control and procurement, as well as product testing and monitoring.

First Solar was assessed by UL, consistent with the processes defined by the IECRE Conformity Assessment (CA) system. IECRE certification is highly valued because third party evaluation is carried out by accredited, independent laboratories accepted to participate in the CA system.


IECRE is a new worldwide approval and certification system that covers equipment and services for use in Renewable Energy sectors and notably those in solar PV energy, wind energy and marine energy. Each of these sectors operates Schemes that cover products, services and personnel and provide testing, inspection and certification.

IECRE has been created in recognition that the ever-increasing demand for electricity and the need to reduce the share of fossil fuels in power generation have led to rapid development and growth of the renewable energy (RE) sector.

The System aims to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in RE, while maintaining the required level of safety and performance. Currently IECRE focuses on the above three energy sectors; however, the door remains open for consideration of other technologies such as concentrated solar power (CSP), geothermal energy and fuel cells.

About IEC

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes globally relevant International Standards for all electric and electronic devices and systems. It brings together 171 countries; 84 are Members (National Committees) and 87 are Affiliates, developing countries that benefit from IEC work without the burden of membership.

Together they represent more than 99% of the world population and world electricity generation. More than 20 000 experts cooperate on the global IEC platform and many more in each member country.

They ensure that products work everywhere safely and efficiently with each other. The IEC also supports all forms of conformity assessment and administers four Conformity Assessment Systems that certify that components, equipment and systems used in homes, offices, healthcare facilities, public spaces, transportation, manufacturing, explosive environments and during energy generation conform to them.

IEC work covers a vast range of technologies: power generation (including all renewable energy sources), transmission, distribution, Smart Grid & Smart Cities, batteries, home appliances, office and medical equipment, all public and private transportation, semiconductors, fibre optics, nanotechnology, multimedia, information technology, and more. It also addresses safety, EMC, performance and the environment.


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