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News release – 2018 Number 02

Jo Cops elected new Treasurer of IEC

Transparency and improving decision-making data to be main focus


Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-01-01 Belgian Jo Cops took up his new role as IEC Treasurer on 01 January. As a member of the Executive Committee he is responsible for IEC finances and will facilitate the decision-making process about strategic investments and project funding.


“I’m honored to have been elected by the IEC membership and it is a real privilege to serve as Treasurer in times where standardization for present and new technologies is high on the agenda. In our fast-paced environment, focus on financials becomes essential since they reflect the operating performance of the IEC. Finance influences and is influenced by all other corporate functions. In that sense, being a Treasurer is no longer just about financial statements and bookkeeping, it also involves taking forward-looking actions supported by financial tools and techniques to give the IEC and its Members the added value they are looking for”, said Cops.

The IEC is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. Close to 20 000 experts from industry, commerce, government, test and research labs, academia and consumer groups participate in IEC standardization work.
With steep growth in domains such as smart cities, IoT, cyber security, data science and AI, automation and AR/VR the need for standardization is more important than ever.

About Jo Cops

Cops has a Master’s Degree in Engineering (GroupT - KU Leuven) and degrees in Business Economics (KU LEuven) and Digital Leadership and Financial Management (Vlerick Business School).


He has been involved in a number of standardization development organizations, including Secretary General of the Belgian Electrotechnical Committee (CEB-BEC) since 2013, and permanent delegate for Belgium in CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, where he is a member of the Working Group Policy and the BT Efficiency group.


As Treasurer, Cops is responsible for IEC finances and reports directly to the Council where all IEC Members are represented.

Cops started his career in 1990 with Sony Belgium and subsequently held various management positions within Sony Europe, Belgian provider of media and telecommunications services Telenet, and Alpha Technologies Europe, with responsibilities pertaining to sales, budgeting, pricing, marketing and strategic planning.


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News release 2018-02

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