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News release – 2018 Number 01

IEC TS 63033 Drive Monitoring System enables drivers to see all around their vehicles

Helping improve road safety


Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-01-26 The IEC is providing carmakers with a toolkit to fit new vehicles with video technology that could eliminate blind spots in a variety of different traffic situations. The new Technical Specification, IEC TS 63033-1, will enable drivers to see all around their vehicles, from different perspectives.



Blind spots are one of the top causes of road accidents. Research by the European Road Safety Observatory blames obstructions to vision for nearly one in five (19%) accidents at junctions.

Until now it has been difficult for drivers to process multiple fields of view quickly. The intelligent wrap-around view monitor described in IEC TS 63033, Car multimedia systems and equipment – Drive monitoring system, enables drivers to spot obstacles, even on blind junctions, dynamically and automatically.

The drive monitoring system uses “free eye point” technology to create a composite 360° image from external cameras. It ensures the correct positioning of a vehicle in relation to its surroundings by creating an optimal display based on input image from a rear-view monitor for parking assistance, a blind corner monitor and a bird’s-eye view monitor.


Leading international experts in IEC Technical Committee (TC) 100/Technical Area (TA) 17 for multimedia systems and equipment for cars developed IEC TS 63033-1 to help drivers achieve a better understanding of their immediate environment.

"We believe that this important Technical Specification could play a significant part in reducing road accidents,” said Junichi Yoshio, the Technical Area Manager leading the team that developed the Specification.

“IEC TS 63033 will enhance assistance of drive monitoring in a number of critical situations, including parking, turning corners and driving in heavy traffic."

Part 1 of the TS provides the model for generating the surround image of the drive monitoring system.

Part 2 describes the information sets that are provided by the drive monitoring system, which include recording methods for generating the actual visual images; and Part 3 specifies the measurement methods of surround images for the drive monitoring system.


About IEC TC 100/TA 17 

The work of Technical Area 17 addresses aspects of audio, video and multimedia systems, and equipment used by car drivers and/or passengers. These include:

  • Requirements for systems and equipment for infotainment of driving and event monitoring and recording, driving assistance and other multimedia applications in the car.
  • Standardization to address the identified requirements.
  • User interfaces, interfaces and networks, protocols, data formats, criteria, evaluation methods and control mechanisms for above systems and equipment.