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News release – 2017 Number 17

Vertical Edge Intelligence

New IEC White Paper just released


Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-10-11 To enable and realize the true value of the Internet of Things (IoT), edge intelligence pushes processing for data intensive applications away from the core of the cloud to the edge of the network. This radical transformation will support trillions of sensors and billions of systems. Edge intelligence will treat data in motion differently from data at rest.



Mr. Yun Chao Hu, Senior Director Strategies, Standardization and Industry Development at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, states “We are very pleased with the publication of the IEC White Paper on Edge Intelligence. It is evident that electrotechnology is undergoing a digital transformation which goes well beyond connectivity and requires evolved data processing. The demand of real-time networking also requires real-time decision making based on data retrieved within the electrotechnical solutions. Therefore, the combination of edge computing with machine learning, data processing and (cyber) security capabilities into “edge intelligence”, will contribute towards the provisioning of artificial intelligence close to where the data is collected. This will drive new business and technology opportunities for the whole market. The White Paper calls for an extended role of the IEC in this area and in establishing test beds to solicit industry feedback on the IEC specifications and interoperability with open source implementations.”


This White Paper synthesizes current trends in the areas of cloud-computing, mobile networking, IoT and other domains that require low delay in communication and decision. Such domains include for example smart manufacturing, video analysis for security and safety, automotive, intelligent city furniture or virtual reality.


The publication explores market potential and vertical use-case requirements, analyzes gaps and produces recommendations for adopting vertical edge intelligence technologies.


The White Paper was developed by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB), which brings together Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of major technology companies in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communications Systems, FOKUS NGNI, of Germany.


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News release 2017-10-11

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