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News release – 2017 Number 15

World’s most important annual meeting for safety and global trade in electrical and electronic goods taking place this year in Vladivostok, Russian Federation


Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-10-03 Electricity is the life-blood of economies both in developed and developing countries where it increasingly impacts transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and all aspects of everyday life. Its absence and any interruption in supply is vividly felt.  Thousands of experts around the world help make electrical devices and systems safe and reliable. They prepare for example the technical basis for the broader adoption of renewable energy, enable off-grid universal energy access; prepare the guidelines, metrics and protocols that allow electric vehicles to be charged; increase the energy efficiency of electric motors or protect our phones from dust and water. Representatives of these expert groups meet once a year, in a different member country to discuss future technical needs in safety, security and other areas.



From 2 to 13 October, 2017, around 1500 international experts will be participating in the 81st IEC General Meeting, which will take place in Vladivostok, Russian Federation, hosted by the IEC National Committee of the Russian Federation and Rosstandard (federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology).


In value, electrical and electronic goods represent around 20% of all goods traded globally. In comparison raw energy represents 9.7% and fashion around 2.7%. To allow companies to trade their goods globally and for countries to be able to participate in global value chains, they all need to work with globally harmonized technical rules that are expressed in International Standards, most often IEC International Standards. These Standards also form the basis for testing and certification, which is essential to verify if product promises are kept and devices are safe to use.


The IEC family of 170 countries represents over 99% of the world population world energy generation. On the IEC global and neutral platform, where each member country has one vote, often highly competitive companies are able to agree what they need to move technologies safely forward. That’s where the technical side of global challenges such as energy efficiency, universal energy access, clean transportation, smart cities and communities or cyber security are discussed.


IEC General Secretary and CEO, Frans Vreeswijk says, “The IEC has been connecting communities since its foundation in 1906. Stakeholders from every industrialized and most developing countries are able to actively participate in the IEC. With IEC work they are able to compete on the global market or build infrastructure that lasts. The internet of things and broad digitalization represent new challenges which have to be addressed in a systems approach. The IEC platform allows many experts from different organizations to cooperate to define the technical foundations for efficiency, safety and security that are needed now and in the future”.




Invitation for the media

You are cordially invited to the official opening ceremony in Vladivostok on Monday 9 October at around 6 pm, which will be attended by leading representatives from politics, science and industry. Please contact Maria Pishchulina if you require additional information.


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News release 2017-10-03

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