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News release – 2017 Number 14

Why low voltage direct current is the future

IEC report makes case for LVDC


Geneva, Switzerland, 2017-09-26 Many devices and appliances we use today operate with low voltage direct current (LVDC), including LED lighting, IT equipment, electric vehicles and all devices containing batteries, to name a few. More recently, the use of DC motors in refrigerators, fans, and heating and cooling systems has improved energy efficiency. Additionally the cost of DC devices has greatly reduced.


LVDC Technology Report

“We have been living in a world of direct current (DC), we just didn’t realize it! Three megatrends, namely solar PV, LED lighting, and the global urgency toward energy efficiency and sustainability, have combined to give LVDC the unique edge over alternating current”, said Vimal Mahendru, Chair, IEC Systems Committee LVDC (SyC LVDC), and IEC Ambassador.


In developed economies, improving energy efficiency and increased adoption of renewable energy are key drivers for using DC, while in developing economies, DC provides the opportunity to bring electricity to 1,2 billion people on the planet who currently go without.


Standardization from the outset


Against this backdrop, IEC has compiled a report, LVDC: electricity for the 21st century, which examines the case for favouring LVDC over the currently predominant alternate current (AC). The report considers the entire LVDC landscape, including:

  • Stakeholders
  • Use cases for market assessment
  • International Standards for LVDC safety


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News release 2017-09-26

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