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World Smart City Community

The World Smart City community


On 18 January, we are launching an online community that will gather all relevant city stakeholders globally and engage them in value-add discussions and high-level networking.


World Standards Day 2010 poster

The aim of the community is to help crystalize the top pain points of cities; those that hold back Smart City development.


Potential pain points already identified include for example: Mobility, Water, Energy, Cybersecurity and privacy


The community discussions aim to on the one side break down barriers and concretely speed up Smart City development and on the other will help shape the final programme of the physical event in Singapore. 


We hope for your audiences to join the World Smart City online community from the start, help shape the Forum programme, network and share their insights with other city stakeholders, as well as participate in the monthly Google-hangouts.


Audience for the community and Forum:
In addition to high-level VIPs, the platform aims to attract city planners, architects, consultants, utilities, transport planners, safety/security/data specialists, standardization specialists, industry (solution providers), etc. This is a specialist/professional community and we don’t aim to reach out to citizens at this point.


These audiences don’t necessarily know or understand the role of Standards, therefore the key focus will be on collecting and discussing city needs, exchanging insights and where relevant point out how Standards can support those needs.


The community, forum and hangouts will be moderated by Gordon Feller, Co-Founder: Meeting of the Minds and former Director, Urban Innovations: Cisco Systems HQ.


The monthly hangouts will be take place on:

  • 18 February
  • 18 March
  • 18 April
  • 18 May
  • 17 June

Audiences will learn about concrete actions and new insights from global Smart City leaders
Be able to ask their questions and share their points of view with the VIP speaker and the global audience.


Hangouts can also be followed real-time on Twitter under the forum hashtag #worldsmartcity2016.