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New generation of smart charging for portable consumer devices

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-12-15

The IEC enables smart charging solution that allows chargers to be re-used for many different portable consumer devices


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Moving from the cloud to the edge

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-12-08

The IEC initiates Vertical Edge Intelligence White Paper in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute’s FOKUS NGNI


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International cooperation between the IEC and eCl@ss e. V.

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-11-17

Harmonization of standards a breakthrough for digital data exchange


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-11-17

Wind industry: Harmonized certification facilitates global market access

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-31

First wind turbine certificate issued to Vestas


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-31

2016 Thomas A. Edison Awards for exceptional achievement

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-27

Outstanding contributions of 8 technology leaders recognized


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-27

Landmark agreement further strengthens global trade and broadens market access for European and international companies

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-17

The IEC and CENELEC commit to further increase alignment between International and European standards.


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Standards build trust

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-14

World Standards Day 2016


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Highest global prize in electrotechnology awarded to Mr Uwe Kampet of BSH Home Appliances

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-11

34th Lord Kelvin Award attributed in recognition of exceptional long-term contributions to enable sustainable global trade in electrical and electronic devices and systems.


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Spotlight on innovation and reinvention as 3 500 technology experts converge on Frankfurt

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-10-06

IEC 80th General Meeting to kick off on 10 October 2016


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Smart Energy moves ahead

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-09-10

Systems Committee on Smart Energy hosts Technical Committee Forum


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-09-10

Cooling data centre energy demand

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-09-05

Cutting energy needs for operating and cooling data centres emerges as a priority for the future


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-09-05

Significant milestone for Smart City development

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-08-25

Major standards organizations from around the world agree to work together to help move cities faster to greater smartness


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Standards build trust

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-19

World Standards Day 2016 video competition, closing August 15


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-19

Virtual reality is central to aviation and maritime training

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-19

What is often seen as a novelty in many domains has in fact been used for decades


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-19

Medical equipment in the digital era

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-18

How to ensure safety of state-of-the-art medical equipment


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-18

A call for tomorrow’s IEC leaders

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-15

IEC Young Professionals – 2016 workshop


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-15

Building trust

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-15

Focus on conformity assessment at WSC Workshop


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-15

Enabling sustainable and smart cities for improved quality of life

Geneva, Switzerland, and Singapore, 2016-07-14

IEC, ISO and ITU host international forum to tackle Smart City pain points


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-14

IEC formally adopts USB Type-C™, USB Power Delivery and USB 3.1 Specifications

Geneva, Switzerland, and Beaverton, Ore., U.S., 2016-07-13

Defines a truly single-cable solution for audio/video, data and power delivery


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Smart Cities: essential for global sustainability and urban efficiency

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-05

World Smart City Forum and live-stream in Singapore on 13 July 2016


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-05

First global workshop for Internet of Things Standards held in Berlin

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-05-24

IEC, ISO and ITU joint workshop on IoT on 13 May 2016


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-05-24

Webinar training: Quality Standards for energy access

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-05-11

Register now to join the 11 May webinar!


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Accelerating sustainable, carbon neutral development

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-03-21

IEC, Jeju Governor and KATS sign Memorandum of Understanding


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-03-21

Common terminology for information security management just revised

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-02-23

All information held and processed by an organization is subject to the risks of attack, error and natural disaster, and other vulnerabilities
inherent to its use.


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More light for less energy

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-01-22

IEC TC standardization work helps cap energy use for lighting in the long term.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-01-15

New global platform to help cities become sustainable and smart

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-01-15

To help city stakeholders worldwide make their cities smarter, the first World Smart City online community will launch on 18 January.


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