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Security toolbox protects organizations from cyber-attacks

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-12-17

A new cyber risk toolbox ehances IT security


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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-12-03

December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Standards help tackle the challenges of certain disabilities


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COP21: Energy efficiency is a key to combat climate change

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-11-30

IEC work is behind the scenes helping to increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of energy that is lost in everyday consumption.


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#mysmartcity campaign a success

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-11-30

In the run up to COP21 in Paris, IEC joined with ISO and ITU in an awareness campaign on how Smart Cities help combat climate change.


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Gearing up: Fast-paced development for IECRE

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-11-23

IThe CA System for Renewable Energy is now operational, across Marine Energy, Solar PV Energy, and Wind Energy


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Conformity Assessment in the international spotlight

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-11-16

On December 1-2, the IEC is hosting the World Standards Cooperation Conformity Assessment (CA) Workshop jointly with ISO, ITU and in conjunction with the UNECE WP 6 meeting.


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Standards provide boost to public policy process

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-11-02

Jointly hosted by IEC, ISO and UNECE, ‘Using and referencing International Standards to support public policy’ looked at the many ways that standards can benefit policy makers.


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Real energy access and improved product safety

Geneva, Switzerland, Nairobi Kenya, 2015-11-02

Greater access to electric power and safer electric and electronic products have moved closer with the official opening of the IEC Africa Regional Centre (IEC-AFRC).


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IoT to make buildings and cities "smarter"

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-10-23

The Internet of Things is emerging as a main driver in the development of smart buildings


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Energy-efficient living

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-10-22

IECEE certification targets energy efficiency


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Smart Cities require a holistic approach to infrastructure

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-10-19

The need to make cities sustainable will drive the adoption of a range of smart solutions


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2015 Thomas A. Edison Awards for exceptional achievement

Geneva, Switzerland/Minsk, Belarus, 2015-10-16

The IEC has paid tribute to the commitment and work of eight leaders of the IEC family.


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On World Standards Day let’s #speakstandards!

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-10-14

Celebrating the importance of International Standards


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Global event with nearly 1 200 technology experts kicks off in Minsk

Geneva, Switzerland/Minsk, Belarus, 2015-10-13

International collaborative platform to help achieve real Energy Efficiency and enable global trade


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New IRENA platform supports renewable energy innovation, quality and collaboration

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., 2015-07-06

Two million patents and 400 standards for renewable energy technology now accessible in one easy-to-use platform


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IEC advocacy in the G7 Climate change magazine

7-8 June 2015 Schloss Elmau, Germany

To mark the occasion of the G7 Summit, the IEC is publishing an article about its contribution in dealing with climate change in Smart Cities, written by Frans Vreeswijk


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-06-08

When disaster strikes

Reducing the impact of power outages

A snapshot of how IEC work helps countries to assess, manage and reduce the duration and impact of disasters by helping them to build more resilient infrastructure that is easier to repair and maintain.


Image by David Shankbone (Own work) CC by 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-05-11

Tired of the tedious daily commute?

A new way to get around town

Cities worldwide are embracing new technologies and adapting old ideas to offer more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, less costly public transport.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-05-08

Can drones replace satellites?

Small drones are set to have a disrupting effect on a wide range of commercial activities

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have rapidly entered the civilian market withcomponents, such as batteries or MEMS and other sensors, covered by IEC International Standards.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-05-06

E-powering aviation from the ground up

Today a wider range of EVs and other equipment supports air transport activities

Many of the vehicles and much of the other equipment used in airport environments are being converted to electric power, enabled by IEC International Standards and conformity assessment work.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-05-04

A woman at the top

Profiling Marie-Elisabeth d’Ornano, Chairman of IECQ

In recent years, women have made dents in electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment fields, as Marie-Elisabeth d'Ornano attests.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-04-29

Is your workplace safe?

How workplace safety can be improved

When people go to work, they usually expect to carry out their activities in a healthy and safe environment. It is up to employers and workers to do all they can to make the workplace safe for all who enter it.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-04-27

When everyday symbols become art

The IEC power symbol at the Museum of Modern Art

The IEC 60417-5009 power symbol, one of the most popular graphic symbols for use on equipment, is being exhibited at MoMA in New York.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-04-09

Keeping food safe from farm to plate

IEC behind-the-scenes work for 2015 World Health Day: Food safety – the global view

Many IEC TCs and SCs prepare International Standards for equipment and processes used all along the food chain.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-04-07

Have you ever been shocked?

Simple rules and useful tools that protect against electric shock

An electric shock is a first sign that something may be defective in the electrical installation of the building.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-04-07

Dependable systems for all sectors

Ensuring system performance through dependability

In today’s global business environment, dependability is a key decision-making factor in the evaluation and acceptance of system performance.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-03-31

Powering the planet with water

World Water Day 22 March 2015

The special link between water and energy


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-03-19

Celebrating women who bridge the STEM gap

International Women's Day 8 March 2015

Leadership shown by key women in electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment, and calls to encourage more women in the STEM fields.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-03-06

Digital meets the visible world

The future of 3D printing

IEC e-tech attended a presentation by Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk during CES 2015. Carl Bass has been a pioneer of 3D printing.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-03-03

Wearing it well

The great potential of wearables


Wearable technology was again one of the main themes at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, USA, where almost 600 exhibitors were displaying their products.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-03-02

Getting Smart about Energy

Introducing the IEC Systems Committee Smart Energy


The IEC has created a new Systems Committee for systems level standardization, coordination and guidance for Smart Grid and Smart Energy.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-26

Tech trends 2015

Insights from author of Digital Destiny Shawn DuBravac


The 2015 CES was again a show of records, reflecting the growing importance of consumer electronics and connected devices.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-24

Leading from the front

Introducing 2014 IEC Young Professional Leaders


During the IEC Young Professionals workshop in Tokyo in November 2014, three 2014 Young Professional Leaders were elected. Here are their stories...


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-23

World Radio Day 2015

IEC has been setting standards for radio for nearly 90 years


The IEC has been at the forefront of developments in radio broadcasting and will continue to prove central to the vitality of the industry.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-13

Major energy efficiency moves for electric motors

New IE3 regulations bring up to 50% energy savings


Globally, electric motor systems are estimated to be responsible for 46% of electricity use so even small improvements can lead to huge energy savings.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-12

50 years of expertise…and counting

Interview with Lev Travin, a leading expert in HVDC power transmission


Travin has devoted 50 years of his life to the IEC, as an expert, and for the past 24 years, as the Secretary of SC 22F, where he's made his mark by leading his team to produce high-quality publications in the shortest possible time.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-09

Lights, sensors, game on

A multitude of electrical and electronic systems helps fans enjoy sporting events


New installations and technology, enabled by IEC International Standards, provide a safer environment for fans to enjoy their favourite matches and sporting events.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-05

Orchestrating Infrastructure for Sustainable Smart Cities

A new IEC White Paper is launched


The IEC, with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) as principal partner, has produced a White Paper that explains the what, who and how of Smart City development.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-29

Keeping kids safe with a new international guide from IEC and ISO

A new international guide from the IEC and ISO is launched


We all want kids to be safe, yet more than 830 000 children die needlessly each year from injuries and accidents that could have been prevented.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-28

Safe lighting for everyone, everywhere

International Year of Light gets underway


Lighting plays an important role in our everyday lives. However there are 1.2 billion people worldwide who lack access to electricity and electric lighting.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-19

Keeping data safe - what's your back up?

New IEC and ISO International Standard for data storage security


An organization's data is often its most valuable asset, and keeping it stored safely and effectively is increasingly a commercial and legal imperative.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-14

Lights, camera, action!

Six new short videos showcase IEC work


As part of making its work accessible and understood by a wider audience, the IEC has recently launched a series of mini films.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-09

Integration toward a Smarter World

Innovative projects help improve society and the environment


The Open Session of the 78th IEC General Meeting provided an interesting overview of several different projects that all aim to integrate complex systems in order to achieve better outcomes for society and the environment.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-07

The IEC’s next generation shines bright


Overview of the IEC Young Professionals 2014 workshop which saw a record number of sixty-seven IEC Young Professionals from 33 countries take part.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-05